Perrier new flavours – Review

I signed up to give these a try. Not sure why as I’m not a fan of sparkling water! So two flavours to try, a lemon one and an apple one. The size of the bottle are perfect for two drinks, small enough so they don’t take up the fridge, but also handily to fit inside my handbag so I can take them to work! First up lemon, it’s has just enough lemon to hide the sparkling water taste, but not too much that it’s a lemonade type drink. The green apple is nice, but I don’t think it has enough apple to hide the water taste. That’s my opinion, and I do prefer the lemon.

I was sent this to try and have not been paid for this post, all opinions are my own.



I’m working very hard at the moment, but feeling let down by this particular job. Most of the staff I work with are either really fabulous or OK. I’m fine with OK, it’s the others, the ones bubbling under the surface.

My area team has a “manager” who it seems likes to take credit for other people’s work. I spent over four hours doing a job because bigwig managers where visiting, they came saw “manager” doing the job I had done and they got the credit. Didn’t even acknowledge I had done anything by taking to make me do it again. It was very obvious that I had done it! “Manager” also was nitpicking and making the rest of the team do silly tasks that never need doing.

Then there’s the overall management team, how many managers do you need at any one time? I looked into it for one day – seven managers were working, and this was a standard day. Then they complain that the labour costs are too high, joke!

Then we come onto having some training done whilst it’s quite, then manager who has watched you have said training complain that I hadn’t done my job. Well no, you’ve just witnessed me training. Don’t even get me started on the volume of training that needed to be done before you could even start working, yes relevant to most staff, but not so much for that area I’m working in. I’ve also got a workbook to complete then an online assessment followed by a training course. They made me do the online assessment before I’ve completed the workbook – most answers are from the workbook! Somehow I passed!

Now I’m waiting for my promised hours not the ones they feel like. I have made it easier by been available for most shifts, and can request days off. Most are Saturdays when it’s not too much of a problem, and not every Saturday.

So the end of this results in me wanting to find another job, with those regular hours. I found some more jobs, just need interviews and offers! But whilst I’m working I’m not getting further into debt.

I’ve Got A New Job!

I started a new job this month, first time in work for just over five years. I’ve spent so long looking after the little ones, it’s time I went back to work. Bob has started year 1 and has been very settled all the way through.

I’ll be doing a mixture of shifts so I can still do the school run and homework sessions. And of course some nights I can still tuck my girls into bed at night, if I’m working I like to take a sneaky peek at them sleeping.

I’ve done a few weeks already at work and my word do I ache, in places I never know could ache. My current biggest ache is in my left shoulder, plenty of hot baths do work wonders. Also I’m on my feet all day long, so my legs and feet ache, as long as I put them up at home I’m doing OK.

In the first week of working I bashed into a table and have the biggest bruise ever (which I still have) it was so painful I could hardly sleep on that side. I’ve cut my finger on something, no idea what it was and needed a plaster.

I’ve met some really nice people and can chat to them as part of my job, but it is hard work, harder than other parts of the place I work. I’ve also met so extremely rude people, it doesn’t take much to be polite even when an honest mistake has been made and apologised for (even given item free to make up for it).

my lovely bruise, isn’t big (this was after two weeks).

Subject Verb Object – Book Review

An interesting concept for a book! There are lots of authors in this book of short stories compiled by Dane Cobain.

Let me explain, first an author has found lots of other authors to write short stories. But here’s the twist, each author has to come up with a subject, a verb and an object. Sounds straight forward enough until these heading are mixed up and given to a different author to base their stories around.

To get the review out quickly, I’m reviewing each story one at a time and then just adding to the post (this will be removed when the last story is reviewed).

First up is Cornwall by James Torrance. For some reason I struggled to get into this story, not sure if it was the story, the content or style. But I finally read the story and it just clicked into place. Briefly; a man who has split from his girlfriend and tries to find peace, he meets up with friends in Cornwall for a week and follow what happens until he returns home.

Next we have Thickly… Settled (He Swallowed The World) by Alex Kimmell. Completely different, this was really weird, in a good way. When two people who have kept themselves to themselves meet by two words (thickly settled) which strangely connects them through their apartment floor. I’m struggling to say what happened, without giving the story away. Beautifully written and I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened.

If you want to find new authors to read, having an anthology (collection) in one book is a really good idea. Definitely recommend getting this book to anyone.

I signed up to receive this book to review, and have not been paid in any other way apart from the free book.

I’m going to keep reading the book and add to this review as I go along!

Divine Beginnings – Book Review

I’m really a fan of fantasy fiction books, so when I found this book I was super pleased. 

Divine Beginnings by R. J. Masters starts like any normal fiction book, but very quickly turns into a fantasy world all of its own. I’ve never read anything like this before, and I was surprised as to how quickly I read it. Not that it was short, but that I couldn’t put it down. 

We meet a young lady working hard, then the mother who she believed to be dead just turns up on her doorstep and she finds out her past and an untold but predicted future awaits her. She’s not prepared for what will happen, nor does she really want it. 

There is a nice mix of faerie and witch magic which is very nice and how a land can so easily be hidden. There is alot of narrative which leads most of the descriptions for your own imagination which made it much better for me personally. 

I really hope the next books in the series come out soon as I need to read them very soon. I will definitely be rereading this as it was so good. I hope you find this as enjoyable as I have. 
Disclaimer: I was sent this book through a blogging site asking for reviews. I’ve not been paid in any other way apart from this free book. 

Breakfast Transformation With Breakfast By Bella – Review

I won a little twitter competition a few weeks back for a selection of granola, I love granola. But normally just out my price range, so I’m always super excited to either buy or best of all win some,and occasionally aquire some. 

This super lot was interesting, not sure as to why I chose to start with Cacao crazy, but I did. The texture was just right, and the Cacao nibs perfect. Then as I’m not a fan of peanut butter! I had the peanut butter me up, very much pleasantly surprised by the taste. And last but not least Nutty Nosh, wow the size of the nuts. You got proper full sized almonds, and walnuts and I think cashews. All the serving sizes are lighter than other granolas, but to be honest it’s was very filling and wouldn’t want more. 

I highly recommend this little breakfast company. Best of all they even have recipes on how to get the best out of your granola if your unlike me and want it other ways than just with milk for breakfast! Yes I was that sad and did just have a bowl with milk for breakfast. 

Cacao Crazy
Peanut Butter Me Up
Nutty Nosh

Cherry Scones – Recipe 

I thought I would share my recipe for scones. I made these today with Bob as she is off school with chicken pox and now getting bored.

So what do you need?

  • 225g of self raising flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • 55g butter
  • 25g caster sugar
  • 150mls (ish) milk
  • Glass cherries
  1. So mix the flour and salt, then rub in the butter until it looks like breadcrumbs
  2. Add sugar and mix again
  3. Add a little milk and mix until it looks like dough, knead for a little while
  4. At this point you can add other things, in my case cherries and gently mix
  5. Turn out onto floured surface either roll out or just flatten with your hand
  6. Cut out circles and place on baking tray
  7. Use a milk or egg wash on top
  8. Bake in the oven at 220c for about 15 minutes
  9. Allow to cool and eat!

These didn’t use all the milk as it was getting to wet (still too hot to eat!).


The Long Half-Term 

What happens when children get chickenpox? Well for starters anything can happen as I found out these last three weeks. 

First up was Squidge, she was pretty much fine in herself, getting tired as it was coming up to half-term holidays. We didn’t really have much planned. But on Sunday morning she had two red blobs on her face. And, as Bob was at a party (one of many in May) we took her to grandma’s house for the day. When we picked her up and got her home, her whole body was covered in chickenpox spots. For Squidge, she took it all in her stride and seemed OK. Apart from the fact that she was now not going to school, it hit her hard as she loves school. Squidge even cried about not going to school. Not sure if not going to school or her chickenpox was making her look ill, so she had calpol and went to bed. Woke up on Monday morning itching so piriton was needed, she only needed three doses throughout the day. No further medication was needed, but time for her spots to dry up or crust over, all done by Friday night. 

Bob fast asleep

Now Bob on the other hand was getting excited about looking for her chickenpox spots. She was waiting all of halt term. Then on the last Saturday of the holidays they appeared. This happened after she had an unexpected afternoon nap, Bob hasn’t napped for years! In fairness to Bob she has been fed up and tired all the holidays and didn’t want to do anything. Squidge was angry at Bob for not wanting to play with her. Squidge soon felt upset for her been angry at Bob once she spotted the spots. 

Over the course of Saturday more and more and more spots appeared. By Sunday her entire body was covered with nasty looking spots, large red spots and blisters. They now hurt and very itchy clue piriton and calpol all day long, we think Bob might be sensitive to piriton as she slept most of the day. Monday and Tuesday followed much the same. Wednesday we didn’t need calpol and reduction in piriton use, one dose, and Bob even managed to play a little. By Thursday we seemed to be passed the itching stage, the angry red blob spots have faded if not gone. We are left with little blisters and some pizza looking scabs on the larger nasty looks spots. Still not dried or crusty, but finally getting better. Tomorrow we are attempting to get washed and clean pj’s on, and try some house playing. 

How long does it take to get a routine? 

I’m only asking as it’s two weeks since the Easter holidays, and I still don’t know where I am. Admittedly myself and Bob were ill two weeks before the holidays. And during it OH and Squidge were ill. One after the other we all got the Coughing virus. Bobs’ coughing was waking her up at night so a trip to GP and an inhaler was prescribed. She needed it for about a week, then we weaned her off it and she was fine, still coughing, but sleeping at night. I seemed to come down really badly with it and was short of breath with it. I couldn’t do anything. I do think I was run-down with my sleep disruptive nights. But I planned to eat some healthy food, and that seemed to make me feel better quicker. 

So what did we get upto during the holidays! As it’s the City of Culture in Hull this year, there is loads going on. We’ve seen the LEGO daffodils, the 100 year Oppy Woods “Weeping Window” instalation, strange underwater art inhalation and the newly refurbished Ferens Art Gallery. We also visited the Deep, went on a land train and visited the newly refurbished fruit. A trip out to Doncaster for look around Lakeside outlet, McDonald’s for lunch and Potteric Carr for a walk and cake (all the cake was gone). And doing little else in between. Squidge was meant to tidy her room and it still looks like a bomb has hit it. Bob on the other hand has tidied her room, and when the weather is nicer I’m going to redo her wardrobe. It needs about 7cm cutting off so can be turned round at the bottom of her bed. At the moment I feel as if she might fall in at sky moment getting her clothes out. 

OH had plans to do work, write and essay, tidy the house and look for a new job. He managed just to prepare for Mondays lessons! He didn’t even make me a cup of tea! 

Everybody went back to school or work, and I started the mammoth task of getting the house sorted. Plus making time for me to just be me. Then we had the bank holiday and Squidge attempted to tidy her room again. And this week I got round to finishing it off for her. Along with buying presents for 4 parties Bob has planned this month. Along with all of Bob’s parties Bob herself is now 5, she spent the day at school with her friends and got lots of presents. 

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