July 2015

Crafting the fish

Today we decided to do some crafting. Its raining so not much else to do. First we needed some craft supplies. Good card and draw a fish outline, we also needed some paper scraps, as i had been to Poundland earlier last week and got some craft packs, tgis was a great chance to see what was in them.

Next was the get the girls to decorate their fish with the scraps of paper.

Then cut the fish out, attach streamers the the fins to make it look like its traveling through water and a lolly stick to hand the fish.

The girls had fun decorating their fish.

The pictures below show the crafting bag,  half finished fish and finally a completed fish with a sticker eye.

Poundland craft bag
Poundland craft bag


The finished fish
The finished fish

Hello world!

Welcome to my world, i like entering competitions, twitter parties, so join me in my attempt at reviewing books and life.

I have two little girl monkeys Squidge who is 6 going on 20, and Bob who is 3 going on 13! I don’t work as i look after our 3 year old, school runs and life in general. Husband works full time as a Sepecalist Nurse.

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