October 2015

The healthy eating continues, I think!

Well day two started out ok, I took Bob to music group which started at 11:00 until 12:15. Had to walk to the local pub that has a soft play area first to pay the deposit for Sqidges birthday party in December. So didn’t have time for a cup of tea before we set off, so ended up with a hot chocolate from the machine.

Then mid afternoon scoffed two packets of fries as I was hungary.

Did do much better after tea as no extra snacks after my exercising.

Day two

Breakfast – musli and flaxseed again, I be having this for awhile.

Lunch – leftover bean and vegetable hash thingy!

Tea – just one breaded camembert small amount of chips and veg.

Aldi breaded camembert
Aldi breaded camembert

Snacks – two packets of fries, dark chocolate and natural yogurt.

Exercise – 16 minutes moderate speed exercise bike and a walk to music group.

Day three

Breakfast – same as I have everyday!

Lunch – leftover pork and apple cassarole (from the freezer) with two potato waffles.

Tea – fish and chips and veg

Snacks – pretzels

I’m now sat here debating over if I should have my chocolate or just skip to my crackers and cheese!

Exercise – 15 minutes (Bob fell asleep and needed putting into bed) moderate to fast exercise bike. Lots of house work, vaccuming, cleaning.

Today I have thought about what I eat and why I eat it, as I have to write everything down to anybody who wants to read it! So now no chocolate,  and just crackers and cheese.


The diet has started, I think!

On Monday morning I decided that I needed to get weighed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not over weight, just a little too heavy for my liking! My family has history of high blood pressure and diabetes. So my plan to lose some weight are to eat less, and what I do eat has to be more healthy based.

My weight as of Monday on weight is 77.8kg target is 65kg. I’m not setting a date,  but I don’t want it to get higher than this. My weakness is afternoon and evening snacking, crisps! So to combat this weakness I’m going to eat less at breakfast, reduced calories at lunch and tea. I have also restarted my exercising on my bike at home.

Day one.

Breakfast – 30g no added sugar musli and 10g milled flaxseed.

Lunch – noodles with prawns

Tea –  homemade vegetable and bean hash (carrots, parsnips, potatoes, baby turnips, tinned mixed beans, tinned sweetcorn, tomatoes and a small amount of water) my girls didn’t like large parts of it! But i loved it.

Snacks – 1 packet crisps, penguin, 33g dark chocolate, homemade natural yogurt.

Exercise – 16 minutes moderate speed exercise bike, walk to shops for vegs.

Starting to look good and feel happy.

I need to do this most days to I can see what I’m eating and see where I’m going wrong, and what I need to do.

Until next time

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