Well day two started out ok, I took Bob to music group which started at 11:00 until 12:15. Had to walk to the local pub that has a soft play area first to pay the deposit for Sqidges birthday party in December. So didn’t have time for a cup of tea before we set off, so ended up with a hot chocolate from the machine.

Then mid afternoon scoffed two packets of fries as I was hungary.

Did do much better after tea as no extra snacks after my exercising.

Day two

Breakfast – musli and flaxseed again, I be having this for awhile.

Lunch – leftover bean and vegetable hash thingy!

Tea – just one breaded camembert small amount of chips and veg.

Aldi breaded camembert
Aldi breaded camembert

Snacks – two packets of fries, dark chocolate and natural yogurt.

Exercise – 16 minutes moderate speed exercise bike and a walk to music group.

Day three

Breakfast – same as I have everyday!

Lunch – leftover pork and apple cassarole (from the freezer) with two potato waffles.

Tea – fish and chips and veg

Snacks – pretzels

I’m now sat here debating over if I should have my chocolate or just skip to my crackers and cheese!

Exercise – 15 minutes (Bob fell asleep and needed putting into bed) moderate to fast exercise bike. Lots of house work, vaccuming, cleaning.

Today I have thought about what I eat and why I eat it, as I have to write everything down to anybody who wants to read it! So now no chocolate,  and just crackers and cheese.