Well I had good intentions of eating healthily, exercising every weekday and just try to improve my well being. The first three days were hard on the healthy eating ideas, I eat too many snacks. Exercising was going really well, even increasing my time on the exercise bike. On Thursday morning I woke up with a sore throat and things just went down hill from there! The good thing about Thursday was it was the first day I managed to not snack all day, well until after tea, so that made me feel happy.

I still feel poorly, but nothing like I have been feeling the last week. At times I had to hide under my duvet and periods of shortness of breath. To make things worse my husband was also poorly, we took it in turns to have to stay in bed, as he was poorly. We both had a strange illness, normally you start feeling unwell become unwell then start to get better. Not this time we were both up and down feeling well one minute and down the next, hopefully both of us on the getting better front now, husband back at work following his annual leave and me with just a sore throat.

This week I’m taking it easy and not exercising, but I need to think about healthy eating this week, I’m not going to weigh myself this week. But hopefully later this week I might try a very gentle exercise bike ride, nothing too much.

i have decided to take up the tenner a week challenge more information on that in the next post.