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I found this challenge on . It sounds like an excellent idea, especially this close to Christmas.

As there are four of us we can spend £40 next week. I already know we have a preschool music group costing £2.50 and a play group to go which is £2.00 entry and £1.00 for a hot drink. So the week starts off already £5.50 down. Total spend for next week is now £34.50.

so a menu plan is required, and a proper shopping list. I already know that Sunday I will out all day at our Mother-in-Laws so nothing required to spend that day!

I have lots of cereal in the cupboards, and snacks, plenty of those. My youngest daughter will be at home with me all week as she doesn’t go to nursery, so two for lunch during the week. eldest daughter gets free school dinners, and husband takes homemade soup, which needs to be made.

so this leaves tea ideas, sausages in the freezer to use up, pasta bake, pasta and sauce, fish and chips and chicken and veg. So far five meals and not buying anything, might then treat us to some salmon for Saturday.