As in a previous post I stated I was going to start today the Tenner a Week challenge. More information and how to do it can be found here (not sure, but if you click it it might take you there!).

so first things first, write a menu plan based on what we already have.

Mon Chicken Escolopes and veg (in fridge already)

Tue Sausage and mash (in freezer, just need potatoes)

Wed Fish and chips (in freezer already)

Thu Pasta and sauce (in fridge)

Fri Curry and rice extra veg on side(Sauce in freezer, chicken in freezer, bread and rice in store cupboard)

Sat Salmon and veg (need to buy all this)

Sun out for main meal,

I already have plenty of breakfast cereal and frozen bread to last all week and probably all next week as well. Lunch, Squidge at school, Husband at work (homemade soup, Two portions in freezer, Friday at conference, no lunch) so that leaves me and Bob. Cheese needs eating up, leftover homemade soup to eat, and plenty of frozen bread, and for Bob tinned spaghetti already in store cupboard. After school snacks, I’m going to bake some buns using store cupboard ingredients.

i do need to do a online order, which will take me over the £40 budget, but my delivery saver runs out next week so want to stock up, I will add the things I need for this week first to see how much I do spend, then top up with offers and household things. At the same time I will also order things that I will need to eat at the beginning of next week.

I have decided not to post everyday about this challenge, as I can get a bit boring. I will show some pictures of my baking this afternoon on a later post.