I was planning on writing my update on this yesterday, but life as usual got in the way!

I was lucky (or unlucky) to have the car on Friday so I was able to get out and about to the shops. There are a lot of shops near me to get most things, but if I’m looking for a bargain I need the car or go on lots of buses which can be bothersome. I do like going to B & M as it has lots of bargains sometimes! In total I spent £25.94 of which £.99 was spent on food the rest on wrapping paper and Christmas tree lights. The lights cost £14.99 which I thought was a bargain for 200 multifunction LED lights. Tesco was another shop but only walked out with a birthday card for Bob to give to Squidge total £1.50. Next onto Boots only wanted vitamins and painkillers (received a birthday voucher so seemed a good idea to use it whilst I had the car to carry it all) total spent £48.56 with nearly 600 bonus points! Finally Asda total spend £15.26  Christmas food and a present spend for the challenge was £10.61.

My total spend for the week was £30ish! Not bad really would have been much better if I didn’t have the car on Friday! I will plan another Tenner A Week challenge mid December, have to be careful of the date as we have a birthday party and birthday ten days before Christmas! I could plan it so it covers birthday week and not the party week!