I got to try this for free from Tesco’s Orchard Program, it went along with my last review of their soup and also some frozen mixed berries.

What I liked about this risotto was that it was all natural ingredients, so many times have I got a “healthy” meal only to find it full of sugars or artificial items that it more calorific then the original version! Also the simplicity of out of the freezer and straight into the microwave, no peeling or stabbing holes into impossible to remove film topping.

Once cooked I liked to serve it on a proper plate and not eat out of the tub.


I didn’t do any fancy stirring before I put it on the plate, so it was dumped! I found that the rice wasn’t cooked in the risotto sauce but was layered in, like most ready meals. It wasn’t a problem as a quick mix on my plate and it was sorted.

Onto the taste over all tasted fine, probably wouldn’t have it again as the lemon/lemongrass taste didn’t do it for me. The chicken was really nice and soft, and all the vegetables tasted as expected.