Some people might think writing this today is a bit late! But it was the holidays and today is back to normal day.

  1. eat healthily
  2. Try one new thing each month
  3. cook more from scratch
  4. exercise
  5. do more jigsaws
  6. clean the house
  7. Enter more competitions
  8. do more surveys
  9. write more on my blog

So how am I going to do this and still have time for my family. Well today Squidge went back to school so that leaves one at home. As she is nearly four now, she plays a lot by herself or watches tv. Perfect time to write my blog.

i have spent a lot of time eating convenience food, snacks and part made food, this isn’t out of laziness but the fact I’m not very good at cooking. So I need to start baking buns for after school snacks, and simple cooking. Today  I have already made my Lemon and Cherry buns. Last week I made my first simple stew with dumplings (from a packet to start with!). Also in this bundle I have included make something new to eat. we don’t eat a variety for foods, and I find we eat the same things week in week out, so I want to change this. I think just one new thing each month is enough to start with.

As with healthy eating I need to lose some weight, so I will start my exercising again. I going to aim for 30 mins five times a week. I need to build up this this by doing shorter stints. My main exercise is going to be on my exercise bike. I also want to do some toning exercises but not every day, probably three times a week.

I want to enjoy some of my hobbies, so some of my evenings will be spent doing my jigsaws and reading my kindle. I’m not going to watch tv as much, but I still want to catch up on things I have missed wilts waiting for my husband to say he will watch them!

Mmm clean the house! Another one that I said I’ll wait till husband does something! Well he is too slow in the cleaning front, so I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and do it myself, if I want it clean I’m going to have to do it myself. So as today I needs to take the tree down, it seemed a good idea to do the lounge, nearly finished the lounge today. The tree took most of the day, and needed to find hidden decorations not previously put away. So the lounge will be finished tomorrow.

I’ll bundle the last three together. As I’m not working I need to earn some money, so doing more surveys will help with this and hopefully win some competitions which I need to enter as many as I can. My blog had taken a back seat in the last few weeks as I was really busy, but if I want to earn money from it I need to focus more on it. So once a week minimum I will post either a review of products I use, toys or things I’m hopefully given to try, or I will write a personal lifestyle blog post. I might even add recipes of my new cooking. While adding things to social media (twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest) to support the blog.

As this is like week one I have now posted my first 2016 blog post, let’s see where this year takes me.