Well this week has gone really well.

I have won a book to review from @Toppsta on twitter, they also have giveaways on Facebook. Just have to wait for it in the post, read it, then review it. We get to keep the book after we finished reviewing it. I have had quite a few books from them, so looking forward to this one (blog post also coming up regarding the book).


I have also managed to get a product review to do from JollyBrew, they are sending me some tea to try and then of cause review for them. I really looking forward to this, my first proper reviewing.

Somehow I have managed to get an old laptop working, sticks sometimes and slow. But this blog has been written in half the time!

I haven’t done much in the way of cooking from scratch this week, but I have baked two batches of buns for after school snacks which have gone done well.looking for other simple bun recipes to try.

Last week also saw the start of me exercising, day one only managed seven minutes (not good). I slowed down a little and was able to do ten minutes the rest of the week. But before I could exercise I needed to clear the area out, none of these fancy methods just organise and throw it out. I had used this area as a temporary holding area for my presents. As you can see didn’t take long at all.



I am so looking forward to this week.