On Twitter there was a request for bloggers to try their tea, as a tea drinker this sounded just my cup of tea (yes it was a pun). They sent me two pouches of tea to sample, Cheeky Caramel Crème and Blooming Cherry Bliss. Information about Jolly Brew can be found here. They do a combination of loose leaf and loose leaf bags, I was sent the bags. Unless you live in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas if you want to try them, it will have to be mail order. On receiving the packs of tea the first thing you notice is that they are resealable, very handy. The tea bags themselves are not the paper type but more a silky material (not sure what, but didn’t fall apart), each tea bag was attached with string for ease of removal.


So first off I tried Blooming Cherry Bliss. It is described on the pack as “A Smooth Cherry Green Tea with Rose Petals”. When you first open the pack you can smell the cherry and it is really nice. I decided I would make it in a glass mug so I could see the colour and anything that might float! As it is a green tea, it was green!

The cherry smell stayed all the way to the end of the drink which was really nice, as I’m not a huge fan of green tea normally, the Cherry and rose petals added flavour which means it was very nice, when I can save some money, its the top of my list to buy more.


Next was Cheeky Caramel Crème, described as “A Delightful Caramel Rooibos Naturally Caffeine Free”. Definitely smells really nice, not really sure I can actually put a name to the smell!

The Rooibos taste was not over powering which sometimes can be a problem for me. The packet says to add milk and sugar if required, but I didn’t need to, I never add sugar anyway. I had stopped drinking Rooibos tea, but after trying this I will be happy to drink it again.


Disclaimer: I was sent Two packs of Jolly Brew tea to try, I have not been paid for this review, and all views are my own.