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mmm. How do I start, positives. Ok. I have made a really good start on decluttering my kitchen cupboards, I have ten to do, so far two one and I have thrown things away. I am also keeping on top of actually keeping it clean. washing up a bit behind, but getting there.

My washing is nearly done, it will never really be done, I don’t have a tumble drier, so I can’t do too much in one go, usually one big wash a day. Sometimes I have work uniforms towels and jeans to do. Always find room for bedding (hung over the top).

I have been fortunate to receive a free mascara, with no strings attached! My JolleyBrew tea arrived for me to review and it looked really pretty in the bags 😊. And I am going to get some Pink Lady Apples, semi no strings attached, just want a photo of some snacks I will want to make (may do a review of them, not sure yet).

I have been exercising for two weeks, but with the very cold and wet Thursday I really didn’t feel like doing it. I was soaked on the school run on both journeys, not a happy bunny. The return journey was the worst, the snow froze to our faces and my trousers stuck to my legs.


I bought myself a new notebook so I can jot my blog ideas, and contents of the blog posts at I want to write. You may have noticed that it is also good for storing my receipts for entering survey comps I have entered a ton of comps, lets see if I win anything. I have started to read my book and I’m happy again, I’m into sci-fi/fantasy fiction which I have acquired free from Amazon. I have even managed to watch a lot of telly and start deleting old programs from my digi box so I can record more programs that I want to watch.