Its been a funny week. My husband went out for a drink at his friends house, on the way home he tripped over some stones on an unfinished path. He was laying in bed with his foot elevated on a extra large money tin! Anyway he decided late Saturday afternoon he wanted it checking out at the local minor injuries department, the nurse wasn’t 100% sure if he hadn’t broken it so a trip to A & E was needed, right before tea. Had to go to McDonalds for tea. This is when the rest of us are trying to save money😢


I have been trying to do the tenner a Week Challenge, was doing really well not spending money (apart from the McDonalds run). I decided not to include my husband in the challenge as he seems to do what he wants, if I say no Costa, he will go anyway. So buget is for one adult at home all day, one pre-schooler who is at home all day and finally one primary school age (7) . Friday was a no spend day. Saturday was just a McDonalds trip £9.50. Sunday was again a no spend day. Monday needed milk and I had a 50p voucher to spend, so spend was £6.15. Tuesday was going on the bus to the library, but Bob was too cold and it was rainy, no library trip, zero spend day again. Wednesday we walked to the shops, needed food shopping, birthday party present and toilet training treats. I got a few yellow sticker treats which was eaten/frozen. I thought I did really well on the challenge, next time I’ll try harder, but think I might choose the week that I do it!

I have been rather lucky this week I received a box of pink lady apples following a twitter giveaway, on Friday I baked with my apples. Honey-dried apple crisps which tasted nice, I would rather have a nice fresh apple. I was also lucky enough to win another competition from Hamper gift box I’ve had a look around the site and it looks very reasonably priced.

on a sad note my youngest Bob (3) fell over on Friday morning, she has hurt her knee and cut a hole in her trousers, I can repair them. I contacted the landlord about the anti-slip pavement, and commented that serveral other children have slipped on this wonderful path!