Following on from last week, I contacted the landlord about this and as of writing this, they still have not replied to me in any form.

It’s very windy this week so not been out much, which is a shame. Me and Bob went to Asda on Thursday and we did find a couple of clothes bargains, saw the email but deleted it without really looking. Forgot all about the sale, which was good, did buy two items. One dungaree dress for Squidge covered in Minions, the other for Bob, just a simple denim dungaree dress. The bottom is covered in pretty sequins and stitching.

I feel really sad at the moment, Squidge has become a real handful. most mornings involve me now shouting at her to get ready, she is also making Bob behave just like her. Bob is good as gold all day with me, ask her to do something and it’s done. one of the biggest problems around Squidge is too many mixed messages. Me and hubby had our ideas on how to bring our children up, I’m still trying to follow those ideas. I have our boundaries, what is expectable and what is not. Hubby says he wants the house tidy and everything put away, fine. Example; this morning we get up, I tidy his phone that is on charge in the lounge and put away his blanket (he fell asleep on the sofa again). I get both girls up (slowly) make two cups of tea, make mine and the girls breakfast, get myself washed and then attempt to get Bob washed and dressed, she only needs minimal help. Squidge can get washed and dressed by herself. Squidge will shout and scream and tell Bob to hide from the witch (me) as the witch will kill you! all the while Hubby is drinking his tea and eating his breakfast, he will then dash to the bathroom (his en-suit) get washed and dressed, then dump his dirty clothes on the floor and dash out the house. How are my girls to learn that is not what is expected of them.

These show: on the left Husbands side, rather tidy at the moment, he removed a very large pile of clothes to the wash baskets. On the right is my side, including exercise bike, and just out of sight, a large chest of draws which is shared.


There are many examples of this, and I do wonder when he will start to help with what he expects from the girls. He forgets it is very tiring trying to Squidge just to do simple things, as long as she eats she is happy!

(We that made me feel a little better, hope you can come up with some ideas how we can change)