February 2016

It’s A New Week


Squidge has got herself into a bit of trouble with her friends. She wanted to practice her handwriting, so she decided to write to her friends. This sounds all very nice, it was for the first two. The she decided (“couldn’t think of anything to write”) to write a letter that was not very nice. I believe it stems from, one of the classmates, a boy who Squidge hit, now doesn’t want to play with Squidge or Squidge doesn’t want to play with him; and Squidge’s other friend still wants to. Then add to the fact another friend is very clingy and will follow where her friend goes even if that means leaving Squidge out and not really wanting to play with the boy that Squidge will not play with. While this is happening all her other friends are getting into groups to play, and then Squidge is hovering hoping to play with someone.

As it’s Mother’s Day coming up soon I have got back into making my own cards, I’ve kept it simple do to time, Mum rung me up on Friday afternoon to say she was coming round at about 15:00 that afternoon. I also had to write this blog plot on Friday and have it scheduled for later, as I like my weekends to be free to be spent with the family.

WP_20160226_13_39_57_ProI have following Beanies coffee on twitter in the hope of winning some coffee, no luck yet, so in the meantime I went and bought some, the picture is meant to be Irish Coffee, I will have to review them (adds to long list of reviews wanting to write).

I have also been sent a book to review, which as yet has not been published, it is a nice read, but later will have a proper good read of it. Hubby saw the book, and scoffed at both the title and when he peeped inside. It’s Sci-fi based and he hates Sci-fi, so he is not going to like it, so don’t pick on me for liking it.

It’s World Book Day soon, and we need to buy a costume for Squidge, was hoping to find something nice, not Disney or superhero’s. Why do shops think that is what children should wear for World BOOK Day. Think we are going for either The Cat in the Hat, or Where’s Wally the female version. Problem is that they both have long sleeves, Squidge hates sleeves. Last year we cheated, needed a costume for a fundraising day at the school, o we got her Snow White, we could then use this same costume for World Book Day.


This is a small tin of spaghetti shapes with sausages, as you can see I think they forgot the pasta shapes, there was also about 100ml of very runny sauce. I attempted to contact the company via their website with no look. I searched for the parent company, and bingo their website lets me complain. sent lots of pictures to them to look into, so lets see if they can send me something very nice as a sorry.

That’s all folks for this week, have fun reading and I will see if I can get some of those reviews I want to write up.




Another Week Gone By


What a week. It was half term last week and Squidge was off school. It’s nice to have her at home, not just because we don’t have to rush about in the morning, but also the fun things we can get up to. Unfortunately this week both Bob and Squidge were full of colds, and for the first half of the week we did nothing. When I mean nothing, I mean it. It was pj day everyday until Thursday, when both were much brighter, and I needed some shopping. Getting wrapped up for the walk to the shops is fine, and a McDonalds lunch always goes down well. Friday finally we went to the cinema to watch The Good Dinosaur at Cineworld, which handily is a walk away for us. I always take our own sweets and drinks in with us to save us some money (also on the longer holidays we can go more often).

Now it was Valentines day last weekend. I bought a card, is I knew I didn’t have time or energy to make one. I was ill, full of cold. I also bought a chocolate orange for him. I like to get the girls something as Valentines day isn’t just about couples, it’s about love, I LOVE my daughters to bits. They got a little key ring each, one was a Ladybird the other a bee. I also bought myself a small box of chocolates. My husband eat the chocolate orange that day as he didn’t have any other chocolate in the house, and didn’t open the card till mid week sometime, then chucked it into his draw. Did I get anything? No, he said he was planning to get it on Friday but calmed he was too ill! He didn’t even go to his mums house that Sunday, leaving me to do it, claiming again too ill.

Currently I’m finding things that need doing so that I don’t get time to clear out the lounge cupboard, really don’t want to do it. It’s really large and it’s more an under stairs cupboard. So big you can walk into it and round a corner. It holds most of the girls toys and my craft stuff and a filling cabinet. So I really want to move things around so we can get at things better. When we first moved in, we were planning  to put a desk in there so we could use it like an office.

Half Term Fun

My daughter broke up for the Half Term on Thursday, teacher training day on the Friday (how convenient for them!). On Thursday there was a Valentines disco which my daughter was really looking forward to. Problem with school disco’s is that school finishes at 15:15 and the disco starts at 15:45, so half an hour to get home then changed and back to school! Luckily we only live five minuets away from school. Then the disco finishes at 16:30! So me and Bob are running to and from school like a yoyo! Next year will be even worse, two discos to go to!

Friday take it easy day. Walk to shops, and a trip to Costa Coffee (my treat). Playing games and watching tv was planned for the rest of the day, all relaxed. Now don’t get me wrong, I am only planning playing and tv watching this holiday. Husband has the car for work, and is unable to take time off this holiday. It’s not so bad as it’s cold and we don’t have any real plans to go anywhere. Weather will play a big part in if we can walk to the cinema to watch a kids movie. As we don’t go to the cinema often we can go to the kids movies. At £1.75 each it is worth it. Sneak in sweets and drinks and it can be good value for money.

Only problem with my plans is that Squidge has come down with a cold! Hopefully as it’s the holidays she can just rest. Not much to say this week, so I’m leaving it here 🙂

My Unplanned Tenner a Week Challeng

I thought I might try the Tenner a Week challenge again last week. As I would like to get a few house jobs done. So far on Monday my spend was £3.14, two bottles of milk a cucumber and something for a midmorning snack – crumpets. Tuesday was a no spend day which good as I had planned on going to library but the wind stopped us. Wednesday was the local shop again as I wanted to do this nice recipe I saw in a shop magazine, and wanted to treat Bob to sandwiches for lunch. We went for the meal deal offer for both of us. Bo only really eats prawn sandwiches, so when I do these meal deals I always look at getting as much for my money. So for lunch and tea that day spend was £8.13. Thursday Playgroup £2 and Hubby suddenly declared he didn’t have any yogurts and Bob really needed some new boots (put a hole in one pair and grown out of the other). Topped up with some other bits spent £23.60. Friday treated Bob to Chocolate and juice £1.50 (saving some chocolate for next week). Saturday was another no spend for most of us! Hubby who I’m not including in my challenge as he always does what he pleases, regardless of the fact he wants to save money. So I have absolutely no idea how much he spent! but was out with a family friend for over five hours! Sunday we as always go to my Mother-in-Laws, so either a no spend day or as in this case we fancied hot chocolate from Costa Coffee. As we now have both the girls having Babychinos the cost is less than juice, but still over £5


  • Monday £3.14
  • Tuesday £0
  • Wednesday £8.13
  • Thursday £25.60
  • Friday £1.50
  • Saturday £0
  • Sunday £5.10
  • Total for the Week £43.47 (take shoes off £30.97)

Think I might need to work on spending less, spent more than I liked. Maybe I should note a monthly spend so I can monitor better, I really need to reduce my spending. I don’t really throw much waste out, so I need to look at what I can swap for cheaper options. As this month is already started with challenge, I could continue this month or restart next month?

Any ideas for swaps for meals or snacks would be most helpful.




Well I need to write something about this week, but nothing much has happened!

So in keeping with my blog goals I should write something. it seems the household, well all the girls, have been infected with the dreaded cold. I started at the beginning of the week where I felt sick, but I just knew I wasn’t going to be sick. It’s not a nice feeling, so I just hide under my blanket on the sofa and watched TV, and did as little as possible. at bedtime, the girls went to bed and I stayed in my bed just resting. it helped and by the time I was going to go to sleep, my pain/sickie feeling had gone. As the week went on Bob became ill, she woke on Thursday night coughing, looks like she was swallowing phlegm, and it was making her feel sick. When she has swallowed phlegm she always has this coughing, and you just have to ride it out until she feels ready to go back to sleep.

On Friday Squidge was messing about in the morning that she ended up yet again going to school in her PJ’s. She is now encouraging Bob to mess about in the morning. It’s not so bad that Bob currently goes to school in her PJ’s, but it’s not a habit that I really want to get into. Bob starts Reception in September, so Bob really needs to have good morning habits and routines so she doesn’t go in her PJ’s to school. We did have a problem with Squidge not doing her homework, not that she had that much to start with. Since the Christmas holidays they have reduced the homework requirements. I was happy with spelling practice, reading 3 times a week, maths practice. I wasn’t so happy with the main homework task, most of the time it was a little bit of writing or a picture. The problem was the craft activity, I can do crafting pictures, but last year they wanted us to do a Royal Carriage! This was from a design that they draw earlier in the year, luckily I had looked ahead at the homework for that term and knew we had to make it later. The design was then easier for us to make. But to make it one week before the holidays. so now homework in now only read 3 times a week and spelling practice. Squidge was doing more playing and less homework. Now she is making up for lost time and focusing on two chunks, one spellings, then tea. Then reading and bedtime milk, after jobs she can play. Three days in evenings have improved, homework is getting done.

The lovely weather is stopping us from doing some of the things we enjoy doing. We haven’t been to the library for some weeks and we are missing getting out. We have managed to get to playgroup which is a nice 20 min walk each way. For only £2 for nearly two hours it’s good value for money.

Hopefully next week I might be more energetic and write some product/book reviews and start moving forward with things and feel happier.


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