Well I need to write something about this week, but nothing much has happened!

So in keeping with my blog goals I should write something. it seems the household, well all the girls, have been infected with the dreaded cold. I started at the beginning of the week where I felt sick, but I just knew I wasn’t going to be sick. It’s not a nice feeling, so I just hide under my blanket on the sofa and watched TV, and did as little as possible. at bedtime, the girls went to bed and I stayed in my bed just resting. it helped and by the time I was going to go to sleep, my pain/sickie feeling had gone. As the week went on Bob became ill, she woke on Thursday night coughing, looks like she was swallowing phlegm, and it was making her feel sick. When she has swallowed phlegm she always has this coughing, and you just have to ride it out until she feels ready to go back to sleep.

On Friday Squidge was messing about in the morning that she ended up yet again going to school in her PJ’s. She is now encouraging Bob to mess about in the morning. It’s not so bad that Bob currently goes to school in her PJ’s, but it’s not a habit that I really want to get into. Bob starts Reception in September, so Bob really needs to have good morning habits and routines so she doesn’t go in her PJ’s to school. We did have a problem with Squidge not doing her homework, not that she had that much to start with. Since the Christmas holidays they have reduced the homework requirements. I was happy with spelling practice, reading 3 times a week, maths practice. I wasn’t so happy with the main homework task, most of the time it was a little bit of writing or a picture. The problem was the craft activity, I can do crafting pictures, but last year they wanted us to do a Royal Carriage! This was from a design that they draw earlier in the year, luckily I had looked ahead at the homework for that term and knew we had to make it later. The design was then easier for us to make. But to make it one week before the holidays. so now homework in now only read 3 times a week and spelling practice. Squidge was doing more playing and less homework. Now she is making up for lost time and focusing on two chunks, one spellings, then tea. Then reading and bedtime milk, after jobs she can play. Three days in evenings have improved, homework is getting done.

The lovely weather is stopping us from doing some of the things we enjoy doing. We haven’t been to the library for some weeks and we are missing getting out. We have managed to get to playgroup which is a nice 20 min walk each way. For only £2 for nearly two hours it’s good value for money.

Hopefully next week I might be more energetic and write some product/book reviews and start moving forward with things and feel happier.