I thought I might try the Tenner a Week challenge again last week. As I would like to get a few house jobs done. So far on Monday my spend was £3.14, two bottles of milk a cucumber and something for a midmorning snack – crumpets. Tuesday was a no spend day which good as I had planned on going to library but the wind stopped us. Wednesday was the local shop again as I wanted to do this nice recipe I saw in a shop magazine, and wanted to treat Bob to sandwiches for lunch. We went for the meal deal offer for both of us. Bo only really eats prawn sandwiches, so when I do these meal deals I always look at getting as much for my money. So for lunch and tea that day spend was £8.13. Thursday Playgroup £2 and Hubby suddenly declared he didn’t have any yogurts and Bob really needed some new boots (put a hole in one pair and grown out of the other). Topped up with some other bits spent £23.60. Friday treated Bob to Chocolate and juice £1.50 (saving some chocolate for next week). Saturday was another no spend for most of us! Hubby who I’m not including in my challenge as he always does what he pleases, regardless of the fact he wants to save money. So I have absolutely no idea how much he spent! but was out with a family friend for over five hours! Sunday we as always go to my Mother-in-Laws, so either a no spend day or as in this case we fancied hot chocolate from Costa Coffee. As we now have both the girls having Babychinos the cost is less than juice, but still over £5


  • Monday £3.14
  • Tuesday £0
  • Wednesday £8.13
  • Thursday £25.60
  • Friday £1.50
  • Saturday £0
  • Sunday £5.10
  • Total for the Week £43.47 (take shoes off £30.97)

Think I might need to work on spending less, spent more than I liked. Maybe I should note a monthly spend so I can monitor better, I really need to reduce my spending. I don’t really throw much waste out, so I need to look at what I can swap for cheaper options. As this month is already started with challenge, I could continue this month or restart next month?

Any ideas for swaps for meals or snacks would be most helpful.