My daughter broke up for the Half Term on Thursday, teacher training day on the Friday (how convenient for them!). On Thursday there was a Valentines disco which my daughter was really looking forward to. Problem with school disco’s is that school finishes at 15:15 and the disco starts at 15:45, so half an hour to get home then changed and back to school! Luckily we only live five minuets away from school. Then the disco finishes at 16:30! So me and Bob are running to and from school like a yoyo! Next year will be even worse, two discos to go to!

Friday take it easy day. Walk to shops, and a trip to Costa Coffee (my treat). Playing games and watching tv was planned for the rest of the day, all relaxed. Now don’t get me wrong, I am only planning playing and tv watching this holiday. Husband has the car for work, and is unable to take time off this holiday. It’s not so bad as it’s cold and we don’t have any real plans to go anywhere. Weather will play a big part in if we can walk to the cinema to watch a kids movie. As we don’t go to the cinema often we can go to the kids movies. At £1.75 each it is worth it. Sneak in sweets and drinks and it can be good value for money.

Only problem with my plans is that Squidge has come down with a cold! Hopefully as it’s the holidays she can just rest. Not much to say this week, so I’m leaving it here 🙂