What a week. It was half term last week and Squidge was off school. It’s nice to have her at home, not just because we don’t have to rush about in the morning, but also the fun things we can get up to. Unfortunately this week both Bob and Squidge were full of colds, and for the first half of the week we did nothing. When I mean nothing, I mean it. It was pj day everyday until Thursday, when both were much brighter, and I needed some shopping. Getting wrapped up for the walk to the shops is fine, and a McDonalds lunch always goes down well. Friday finally we went to the cinema to watch The Good Dinosaur at Cineworld, which handily is a walk away for us. I always take our own sweets and drinks in with us to save us some money (also on the longer holidays we can go more often).

Now it was Valentines day last weekend. I bought a card, is I knew I didn’t have time or energy to make one. I was ill, full of cold. I also bought a chocolate orange for him. I like to get the girls something as Valentines day isn’t just about couples, it’s about love, I LOVE my daughters to bits. They got a little key ring each, one was a Ladybird the other a bee. I also bought myself a small box of chocolates. My husband eat the chocolate orange that day as he didn’t have any other chocolate in the house, and didn’t open the card till mid week sometime, then chucked it into his draw. Did I get anything? No, he said he was planning to get it on Friday but calmed he was too ill! He didn’t even go to his mums house that Sunday, leaving me to do it, claiming again too ill.

Currently I’m finding things that need doing so that I don’t get time to clear out the lounge cupboard, really don’t want to do it. It’s really large and it’s more an under stairs cupboard. So big you can walk into it and round a corner. It holds most of the girls toys and my craft stuff and a filling cabinet. So I really want to move things around so we can get at things better. When we first moved in, we were planning  to put a desk in there so we could use it like an office.