Squidge has got herself into a bit of trouble with her friends. She wanted to practice her handwriting, so she decided to write to her friends. This sounds all very nice, it was for the first two. The she decided (“couldn’t think of anything to write”) to write a letter that was not very nice. I believe it stems from, one of the classmates, a boy who Squidge hit, now doesn’t want to play with Squidge or Squidge doesn’t want to play with him; and Squidge’s other friend still wants to. Then add to the fact another friend is very clingy and will follow where her friend goes even if that means leaving Squidge out and not really wanting to play with the boy that Squidge will not play with. While this is happening all her other friends are getting into groups to play, and then Squidge is hovering hoping to play with someone.

As it’s Mother’s Day coming up soon I have got back into making my own cards, I’ve kept it simple do to time, Mum rung me up on Friday afternoon to say she was coming round at about 15:00 that afternoon. I also had to write this blog plot on Friday and have it scheduled for later, as I like my weekends to be free to be spent with the family.

WP_20160226_13_39_57_ProI have following Beanies coffee on twitter in the hope of winning some coffee, no luck yet, so in the meantime I went and bought some, the picture is meant to be Irish Coffee, I will have to review them (adds to long list of reviews wanting to write).

I have also been sent a book to review, which as yet has not been published, it is a nice read, but later will have a proper good read of it. Hubby saw the book, and scoffed at both the title and when he peeped inside. It’s Sci-fi based and he hates Sci-fi, so he is not going to like it, so don’t pick on me for liking it.

It’s World Book Day soon, and we need to buy a costume for Squidge, was hoping to find something nice, not Disney or superhero’s. Why do shops think that is what children should wear for World BOOK Day. Think we are going for either The Cat in the Hat, or Where’s Wally the female version. Problem is that they both have long sleeves, Squidge hates sleeves. Last year we cheated, needed a costume for a fundraising day at the school, o we got her Snow White, we could then use this same costume for World Book Day.


This is a small tin of spaghetti shapes with sausages, as you can see I think they forgot the pasta shapes, there was also about 100ml of very runny sauce. I attempted to contact the company via their website with no look. I searched for the parent company, and bingo their website lets me complain. sent lots of pictures to them to look into, so lets see if they can send me something very nice as a sorry.

That’s all folks for this week, have fun reading and I will see if I can get some of those reviews I want to write up.