I didn’t set my standards high for this Mother’s Day. I fully understand that a seven and three year can’t do too much (I wouldn’t expect them to bring my a very hot cup of tea in bed), but a little help from their daddy could have made things so much easier.

My plan was have cup of tea in bed, make the girls their breakfast, get ready and go out to Mother-in-Laws for lunch. Every Sunday we go to Mother-in-Laws (it keeps the peace) she over-cooks a Sunday lunch and we sometimes get drinks! Then home, have tea (hubby would have been out at tea time) baths and ready for bed. My evening was planned – drinks brought to me and some junk tv of my choosing.

In reality, I had to get up and make my own drink, I am refusing to take hubbies up to him as his bedside table is full of mouldy mugs! breakfast and getting ready went to plan. presents and cards had to be sorted in the morning, as they were not written before. I carry everything to the car! Then I make all the drinks at mother-in-Laws, and then I pack the car back up to come home. Hubby is saying he is not well again. We get home, I unpack the car, put a load of washing on, bath the girls. I managed to get a shower and wash my hair as the girls were watching TV quietly. I prepare tea whilst hubby is sleeping (maybe if he went to bed, bedtime routine, he might not be ill so often), and the girls relax before bed. I put the candle on, I get us both a hot chocolate, and let him eat my After Eights from his mum (we are capable of getting our own presents) but she does this every year, I’m not a big chocolate eater. Hubby does bring me a glass of wine and watch an old Midsummer Murders. Relaxing night, then off to bed for me, catch up on the news and go to bed. Sometime during the night hubby comes to be!


I made my mum’s card this year, very simple, but so much fun. I really must spend more time doing my cards and not leaving it to last minute. I didn’t get my mum a present as I know she was away with friends. My mum doesn’t do wine, or chocolate, and likes flowers but is not always home so no point. My Mother-in-Law got a plant from us and two small pots of bulbs from our girls. I worked out cheaper this way and if she doesn’t kill them they will last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers.