Continuing where I left off mid-week

3rd: minimum shopping day, I wanted to restock our vitamin supply.

  • Boots 3x infant vits (3 for 2)
  • Boots 3x children vits (3 for 2)
  • boots 3x adult vits (3 for 2)
  • also bought 3x leggings (Bob has gone though three pairs by falling over, 25% off)
  • total spend £44.50
  • Asda reduced handbag (£3), magazine, and a reduced jumpsuit (£5) spend £11.49


  • breakfast: cereal for all four of us and smoothie for Squidge
  • lunch: homemade wrap for two  (leftover from yesterdays lunch), Squidge at school (free), no idea what hubby will have as he didn’t take any lunch!
  • tea: Chicken dippers for two, escalope for two, served with veg (hubby had just chips)
  • Snacks: mummy buns, crisps, and chocolate

4th: was planning a no spend day, but wanted milk (ended up with reduced scones and reduced pineapple) £5.38

  • Breakfast: cereal for four and a smoothie for Squidge
  • Lunch: homemade wrap, scrambled eggs, Squidge had school dinners, hubby had homemade soup (frozen)
  • tea: frozen sausage and mash and veggies for four (reduced pigs in blankets from Christmas)
  • snacks: scones, homemade yogurt and fruit

5th: Mother’s Day present shopping and birthday party presents for next week (double party)

  • breakfast: cereal for four plus smoothie
  • lunch: frozen (reduced price) tart and salad
  • tea: frozen pizza and fries with garlic bread
  • snacks: crisps, yogurt

6th: finally a no spend day

  • breakfast: cereal for four plus a smoothie
  • lunch: out at Mother-in-Laws – Sunday lunch
  • tea: tart and salad
  • snacks: none (eat too much at lunch!)

7th: needed milk again, plus saw some reduced raspberries £3.79

  • breakfast: cereal for four and smoothie
  • lunch:
  • tea: pasta and sauce (Tesco value dried pasta and fresh pasta)
  • snacks: crisps, yogurt

I think this week, I might get a hold on the spending as my freezer is full and all I need to buy is milk, fruit and veg. Next week I need to do a stock up shop. But, I’m going to look at the offers and plan my meals. I really need some more lunch ideas and tea ideas, we seem to be eating the same things week in week out. We did used to eat different things, but we stopped eating them for some reason, so we must try one new dish and produce a three weekly menu plan.