9781594748707 Geek ParentingI was sent this book to review from the publisher. I read the book so I can give my own opinions on the book.

It’s nice to read a somewhat different book on parenting, picking examples from all sorts of fictional characters, some you will know and other not (in my case I have never read nor seen Game of Thrones!). I’m not sure if “cherry picking” the best parenting examples was intentional or just the way it was.

with everything that has been going on recently for me, been able to pick up the book for maybe five minutes and read just a bit and that section I finished was really handy. Each chapter is split into two page family examples, each focused on a different family and a situation where they came together. It made me rethink what I thought of my favourite characters, which is a good thing (I think).

The authors have worked really hard to give a narrative of the family situation and pick out the parenting bits to help us as parents deal better with our own children be it, others have been in the same/similar situation and come out the other side or show us another way to deal with our own problems. There are a lot of different families to read and you can either skim to the ones you want to read, read the whole (like me), or jump around to what suits you best. It’s not a “story” book nor a “advice” book, but something I find unique and very interesting. One thing is for certain, I’m definitely going to read the others that are in this series.