April 2016

Getting Organised



As part of getting organised for when Bob starts school in September, and getting into a routine for cleaning my house. I decided it was time to get out my notebook and make a start on all the different jobs that I need to do. The notebook I got also came with a handy packet on the front with a pencil, ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener.

So my nice new notebook has a page for each area that needs jobs doing

  • daily jobs
  • kitchen
  • lounge
  • hallway, landing, stairs
  • my bedroom, the girls rooms
  • bathrooms
  • other jobs
  • and finally one off jobs

The rest of the book will be used for meal planning, recipes and making notes when I need to write something down like hashtags so I get the spelling correct. I’m not very good at remembering what the correct tag is so writing it down before I try to write a tweet!


Homemade Tart – Recipe


I decided that I had lots of things that needed eating up before they got thrown out, which  along with the #emptythefreezer challenge, this recipe came about.


  • 1 x pack of ready to use puff pastry (or any version of puff pastry)
  • 4 x sausages, part cooked and chopped (I used HECK chicken sausages)
  • 3 x fresh tomatoes (I used a mixture of red and yellow)
  • 1/2 a pepper (I used orange)
  • handful of fresh thyme leaves
  • 2 x eggs beaten
  • milk


  • lay out pastry on baking tray
  • randomly scatter all the other ingredients (leaving egg and milk) around the pastry
  • mix together the eggs and milk and pour over
  • cook in the oven at about 180c for about 10-15 mins or cooked
  • allow to cool and eat


The good thing about this tart is you can add anything you like, miss bits add more ingredients. It’s all up to you.

As this was part of using up things in my freezer, I feel I have added more. I do know that over the next few weeks all will be eaten and I have increased what I can have for lunch. I’m not afraid to buy pastry when cheap, putting in the freezer for when I find cheap ingredients for my homemade tarts.


My Garden Plans

This is my Garden. The back looks really bare and I’m a little fed up that it looks like this. I spent some time last year working on the front garden. As our house is a new build, the builders put supposedly pretty plants and a hedge in the front garden. The back was just grassed.

Part one of my plan last year was to dig out all the plants and put my bulbs and my one plant from our old house. I managed to acquire some wild flower seeds and other free seeds which all went into the front garden. I wanted some more bulbs so I bought tulips and daffodils to go with my fake blue bells. I am pleased with how it is going but the boarder with our neighbours, but still needs work. As the builders were not very good at removing the weeds, we have dandelions with roots that are very long, they also planted a ground cover plant vinca, looks pretty when fresh, but turns scraggly and unsightly.

The back garden. Last year I started by digging a border around the fence. I noticed last year that where the posts were, the grass was not growing. On closer inspection the concrete posts holders were  very close to the surface and the grass growing. As I had too many bulbs for the front garden, I planted some in the side border. This year I planted lots of seeds to fill the gaps. I also have the hooks for three hanging baskets, which are currently sat on my kitchen windowsill growing seeds, hopefully they will germinate. I need to finish digging the back fence border and them plant up with bulbs and seeds.


I am planning of adding drainage to the lawn as it floods in the corner near the house. I did some last year using my garden fork, this worked well, but I need more doing. At the same time I will add more grass seeds done as it looks patchy. another plan is to rearrange my guinea pig hutch goes as I want to be able to see them from the house. The pink planter and hutch will swap places.


My March Challenge Round-up

What have I learnt whilst attempting to challenge myself for a full month? To start with a look at each days spending, with a total at the end.

  • 1st     £0
  • 2nd   £118.15
  • 3rd    £55.99
  • 4th    £5.38
  • 5th     £19.00
  • 6th    £0
  • 7th    £3.79
  • 8th    £9.33
  • 9th    £0
  • 10th  £45.65
  • 11th   £0
  • 12th   I had to give up on this challenge as my daughter is not well.


The best thing I can say about the challenge is that it has made me think more about my spending.

On my winnings and earning front, nothing. As I mentioned earlier, with Squidge poorly and trips to the NHS services, my blog, comping and spending/saving was put on hold.

With Squidges head better and the Easter holidays are over, I am back on top of things and I have blog post ideas and my motivation is up. I need to plan blogs for the school summer holidays and I have plans for those already (in my head not on paper yet).

March Challenge (part three)




8th: was planning a no spend day, but things went wrong!

  • breakfast: cereal and smoothie
  • lunch: Boots sandwiches for three, hubby bought lunch at work
  • tea: fish an chips from the freezer with veg
  • snacks: crisps, chocolate, fruit and yogurt

9th: no spend day

  • breakfast: cereal and smoothie
  • lunch: spaghetti and sausages for two, homemade noodle dish thingy for me, and hubby homemade soup
  • tea: pie (from the freezer), gammon (half, rest frozen for later) and veg, hubby a meat pie
  • snacks: crisps, yogurt, biscuits (left over from Christmas)

10th random spend day

  • Co-op: needed milk £2.00 (too heavy to carry from big shops
  • Asda: veg, cakes for the weekend (treats), lunch things for the weekend £11.91
  • Boots: face creams, and lunch £31.75 (used lots of vouchers saved £5.00 and added an extra (250 points)
  • playgroup £3.00


  • breakfast: cereal and smoothie
  • lunch: Boots sandwiche for two (shared) school lunch and hubby had homemade soup
  • tea: breaded chicken and chips using left over chicken
  • snacks: hot cross buns, crisps, yogurt

11th: no spend day

  • breakfast: cereal and smoothie
  • lunch: spaghetti shapes, jacket potato and frozen bolognaise, school lunches, hubby bought lunch at work
  • tea: leftover mince made into homemade stew and dumplings
  • snacks, hot cross buns, crisps

12th: no food spend day (need jeans for Squidge, going to Gap outlet)

  • breakfast: cereal and smoothie
  • lunch: girls are at party in the morning, sandwiches
  • tea:


Things went to pot this week as Squidge came down with something funny on her scalp and a trip to walk-in in town made some plans go wrong. But, I’m getting better at looking at what I need verses what I want, when I shop I still look at the yellow sticker area. Sometimes there is a nice treat, sometimes there is things that I would normally buy and can be frozen or eaten that day.

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