What have I learnt whilst attempting to challenge myself for a full month? To start with a look at each days spending, with a total at the end.

  • 1st     £0
  • 2nd   £118.15
  • 3rd    £55.99
  • 4th    £5.38
  • 5th     £19.00
  • 6th    £0
  • 7th    £3.79
  • 8th    £9.33
  • 9th    £0
  • 10th  £45.65
  • 11th   £0
  • 12th   I had to give up on this challenge as my daughter is not well.


The best thing I can say about the challenge is that it has made me think more about my spending.

On my winnings and earning front, nothing. As I mentioned earlier, with Squidge poorly and trips to the NHS services, my blog, comping and spending/saving was put on hold.

With Squidges head better and the Easter holidays are over, I am back on top of things and I have blog post ideas and my motivation is up. I need to plan blogs for the school summer holidays and I have plans for those already (in my head not on paper yet).