This is my Garden. The back looks really bare and I’m a little fed up that it looks like this. I spent some time last year working on the front garden. As our house is a new build, the builders put supposedly pretty plants and a hedge in the front garden. The back was just grassed.

Part one of my plan last year was to dig out all the plants and put my bulbs and my one plant from our old house. I managed to acquire some wild flower seeds and other free seeds which all went into the front garden. I wanted some more bulbs so I bought tulips and daffodils to go with my fake blue bells. I am pleased with how it is going but the boarder with our neighbours, but still needs work. As the builders were not very good at removing the weeds, we have dandelions with roots that are very long, they also planted a ground cover plant vinca, looks pretty when fresh, but turns scraggly and unsightly.

The back garden. Last year I started by digging a border around the fence. I noticed last year that where the posts were, the grass was not growing. On closer inspection the concrete posts holders were  very close to the surface and the grass growing. As I had too many bulbs for the front garden, I planted some in the side border. This year I planted lots of seeds to fill the gaps. I also have the hooks for three hanging baskets, which are currently sat on my kitchen windowsill growing seeds, hopefully they will germinate. I need to finish digging the back fence border and them plant up with bulbs and seeds.


I am planning of adding drainage to the lawn as it floods in the corner near the house. I did some last year using my garden fork, this worked well, but I need more doing. At the same time I will add more grass seeds done as it looks patchy. another plan is to rearrange my guinea pig hutch goes as I want to be able to see them from the house. The pink planter and hutch will swap places.