I decided that I had lots of things that needed eating up before they got thrown out, which  along with the #emptythefreezer challenge, this recipe came about.


  • 1 x pack of ready to use puff pastry (or any version of puff pastry)
  • 4 x sausages, part cooked and chopped (I used HECK chicken sausages)
  • 3 x fresh tomatoes (I used a mixture of red and yellow)
  • 1/2 a pepper (I used orange)
  • handful of fresh thyme leaves
  • 2 x eggs beaten
  • milk


  • lay out pastry on baking tray
  • randomly scatter all the other ingredients (leaving egg and milk) around the pastry
  • mix together the eggs and milk and pour over
  • cook in the oven at about 180c for about 10-15 mins or cooked
  • allow to cool and eat


The good thing about this tart is you can add anything you like, miss bits add more ingredients. It’s all up to you.

As this was part of using up things in my freezer, I feel I have added more. I do know that over the next few weeks all will be eaten and I have increased what I can have for lunch. I’m not afraid to buy pastry when cheap, putting in the freezer for when I find cheap ingredients for my homemade tarts.