May 2016

Boring Post Alert!


Well nothing much has happened here this last week. Squidge has gone a a geography field trip with school – a highlight for her! Yes I know they are only going into the city centre, but as it’s a school soooo much more exciting! Squidge tried to trick me, her teacher insisted that she should have a new water bottle, the one she uses for school is only for school! I got her a juice carton.

The school garden club has started properly, unfortunately it was only me and my girls, nobody else could be bothered. Having said that now people have seen that two of the planters have been dug over and seeds are in, people have taken interest, so hopefully next week (if it’s not raining) there will be a few more people. As long as the children are supervised I don’t care if the parents don’t do any work. A parent has donated some seeds, along with my Grow Wild seeds it will start to look nice.


I was lucky to go see Jason Donovan this week, no comments if you don’t like him. The music was good and reminded me of when I first liked him, as usual the groupies where there! The only thing that spoilt it for my was hubby. He met his friends beforehand and had a few drinks, me not drinking was fine about this until he tried to dance with me as if we were in a nightclub! I was not very happy. I didn’t fancy drinking for some unknown reason, I was happy with this. In the interval more drinks were got “can I have a Coke” on return, he commented they didn’t have any Tia Maria so handed me a cider, I didn’t ask for Tia Maria! Well after queuing to leave the venue and queuing to leave the car park, I had to drop of two people go home then take my mother-in-law who was babysitting the monkeys. Needless to say I was home at midnight with a poorly foot (I hurt it several weeks ago and still hurts, best see a GP about it).

So that really sums up my week!


All’s Fair In Love And War


What a week we have had, Squidge has turned back into a monster. She asked Bob to walk past her and then purposefully tripped her up, first time uninjured! second time Bob went flying down the landing, how she didn’t get hurt is beyond me, just a little shaken up. Squidge is supposed to be tidying her room ready for a new bed. Squidge’s bed is going into Bob’s bedroom to give her storage and a single bed to sleep on. I was thinking of getting Squidge a mid-sleeper, but not now, she will be getting a cheap single bed!

On the getting organised front. I have still managed to keep on top of my daily jobs. This has made both me happy and my laundry baskets nearly empty. I started to do my exercising again (need to lose a little weight), so this week I have done 10 minuets on the exercise bike every day. My plan is to eventually get up to 30 minuets five times a week, plus two or three toning sessions. I am also walking around the house with ankle weights, carry on doing normal jobs, and fingers crossed I tone up and lose some weight. I have also added a night-time face cleansing routine which my face no longer looks like a volcano about to erupt!

As its nearly half-term I want to get some reviews and recipes planned so you don’t think I have run away and joined the circus!

We have started shopping or Bob’s new school uniform, which she had to try on when we got home. I have got several pairs of socks and three summer dresses, had to buy another summer dress for Squidge. Then got home and found out I need to buy some more for her. I think bob is looking forward to school. Even though I will be lost without her.


Really Green Fritters – Recipe (adaption)


I recently found a picture of some fritters that looked really yummy, So me being me wanted to try them. Once I found the recipe for Really Green Fritters on the Higgidy Pies website, all I had to do was find the ingredients and make them. As I was unable to find all the ingredients I adapted it.

So my Really Green fritters, JBM2 style


  • 2 Medium eggs
  • 100g Courgette, grated
  • 1 handfull of baby spinach
  •  50g Garlic and Herb Philadelphia
  • 1tbsp Parmesan Cheese, grated
  • 1/2tbsp plain flour
  • A knob of butter and glug of oil


  • beat eggs, then add all the other ingredients saving butter and oil.
  • mix together
  • heat butter and oil over a medium heat
  • in batches add dollops and fry for a couple of minutes, flip and cook again for a couple of minutes
  • eat once cooked.

Now I made the mistake and my first dollops where rather large! I used a folk and scraped it into the frying pan, the next time was a table spoon, much better size and cooked easier.


Since cooking these fritters I found that I like baby spinach, so I will defiantly be cooking these again. I might be lucky and find the soft goats cheese that was needed in the original version.




Secret Diary Of A Four Year Olds Birthday


It was Bob’s birthday this week, she started the week feeling poorly and I was hoping she would feel better for birthday on Wednesday. Luckily bob was well enough for her to enjoy her birthday.

First up was the opening of all her presents, she got a nice mixture of toys and crafty things. Octonauts, Lego, My Little Pony and Aquabeads. As Bob has a lot of My Little Pony’s I was keen for her not to have too many more. after this breakfast then opening of her cards, I felt a break was needed between that and the start of playing with her toys. I agreed for one toy to be opened and played with before the rush of getting Squidge ready for school. Squidge had a tantrum about her going to school, as she wanted to stay at home and play with Bob’s new toys. Bob wanted to take Squidge to school so everyone ready to drop Squidge at school. We had to visit my Mother-in-Law to pick up some more presents that Bob’s Uncle had left there for her, which wasn’t a problem today as Hubby had taken the day off.

He thought it would be a good idea to into town. It was very cold and windy, plus Bob really wasn’t that well to wander aimlessly around town! We parked at one of the shopping centres and found that more than half the shops were empty. So we came home having spent £1.90 on parking. I made it up to Bob, by letting her have a prawn sandwich for lunch her favourite.

The afternoon was spent opening the packaging from presents and building the Lego Prison Island Escape set. Bob had fun playing with all her toys alone.

When it was time to pick Squidge up all of us went as I were going to the café for drinks and birthday cake. Bob choose a gluten free chocolate cake (the only chocolate cake) and the staff put the candles on for us, which was really nice of the them. Then back home for more playing with toys and for me and Hubby to finish the Lego off.

I let Bob stay up a little so she could maximise her new toy playing time.

April Round-up

Bob playing with her Aquabeads

It has been a funny month really. Lots of different things have happened, but at the same time nothing much more than usual.

My earnings and winnings have been slow, but the last week I started to plan and get organised. My very basic daily jobs have kept me more focused on what I am doing, I skipped the comps/surveys the first week. So far I can say, it has been a success. my washing up pile is empty, my washing baskets are always very nearly empty which leaves me space to do my other washing more regularly. Now I need to work on all the other jobs!

With excitement of Bobs fourth birthday and finding out which school she will go to in September, doing much else went out of the window. I am pleased to say that we got our first choice in schools which means she will be in the same school as Squidge.

One of the biggest decisions I did make, was that when Bob does start September I am not going to look for a job. Mainly I will need to find a job that would fit completely around school hours and the school holidays. With hubby working full time during the week, my mum not very often home (she has a motorhome and spends her time meeting her friends) and my mother-in-law who cannot lock our front or back door. Childcare is a problem. Breakfast club at the school is £3 per child per day which alone is £30 a week. If I get a job in school they could stay with me when I’m working, but the chance of a proper job in school when I haven’t worked for four and half years. Getting a reference will be hard, as I only worked on an ad hoc basis. Then my next problem will be having time off if any of the monkeys are poorly and need to be off school, teacher training days and strikes! All I have to do now is convince hubby that I should stay at home all day. I do have many plans that I can be doing when I’m at home all day.

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