Bob playing with her Aquabeads

It has been a funny month really. Lots of different things have happened, but at the same time nothing much more than usual.

My earnings and winnings have been slow, but the last week I started to plan and get organised. My very basic daily jobs have kept me more focused on what I am doing, I skipped the comps/surveys the first week. So far I can say, it has been a success. my washing up pile is empty, my washing baskets are always very nearly empty which leaves me space to do my other washing more regularly. Now I need to work on all the other jobs!

With excitement of Bobs fourth birthday and finding out which school she will go to in September, doing much else went out of the window. I am pleased to say that we got our first choice in schools which means she will be in the same school as Squidge.

One of the biggest decisions I did make, was that when Bob does start September I am not going to look for a job. Mainly I will need to find a job that would fit completely around school hours and the school holidays. With hubby working full time during the week, my mum not very often home (she has a motorhome and spends her time meeting her friends) and my mother-in-law who cannot lock our front or back door. Childcare is a problem. Breakfast club at the school is £3 per child per day which alone is £30 a week. If I get a job in school they could stay with me when I’m working, but the chance of a proper job in school when I haven’t worked for four and half years. Getting a reference will be hard, as I only worked on an ad hoc basis. Then my next problem will be having time off if any of the monkeys are poorly and need to be off school, teacher training days and strikes! All I have to do now is convince hubby that I should stay at home all day. I do have many plans that I can be doing when I’m at home all day.