It was Bob’s birthday this week, she started the week feeling poorly and I was hoping she would feel better for birthday on Wednesday. Luckily bob was well enough for her to enjoy her birthday.

First up was the opening of all her presents, she got a nice mixture of toys and crafty things. Octonauts, Lego, My Little Pony and Aquabeads. As Bob has a lot of My Little Pony’s I was keen for her not to have too many more. after this breakfast then opening of her cards, I felt a break was needed between that and the start of playing with her toys. I agreed for one toy to be opened and played with before the rush of getting Squidge ready for school. Squidge had a tantrum about her going to school, as she wanted to stay at home and play with Bob’s new toys. Bob wanted to take Squidge to school so everyone ready to drop Squidge at school. We had to visit my Mother-in-Law to pick up some more presents that Bob’s Uncle had left there for her, which wasn’t a problem today as Hubby had taken the day off.

He thought it would be a good idea to into town. It was very cold and windy, plus Bob really wasn’t that well to wander aimlessly around town! We parked at one of the shopping centres and found that more than half the shops were empty. So we came home having spent £1.90 on parking. I made it up to Bob, by letting her have a prawn sandwich for lunch her favourite.

The afternoon was spent opening the packaging from presents and building the Lego Prison Island Escape set. Bob had fun playing with all her toys alone.

When it was time to pick Squidge up all of us went as I were going to the café for drinks and birthday cake. Bob choose a gluten free chocolate cake (the only chocolate cake) and the staff put the candles on for us, which was really nice of the them. Then back home for more playing with toys and for me and Hubby to finish the Lego off.

I let Bob stay up a little so she could maximise her new toy playing time.