What a week we have had, Squidge has turned back into a monster. She asked Bob to walk past her and then purposefully tripped her up, first time uninjured! second time Bob went flying down the landing, how she didn’t get hurt is beyond me, just a little shaken up. Squidge is supposed to be tidying her room ready for a new bed. Squidge’s bed is going into Bob’s bedroom to give her storage and a single bed to sleep on. I was thinking of getting Squidge a mid-sleeper, but not now, she will be getting a cheap single bed!

On the getting organised front. I have still managed to keep on top of my daily jobs. This has made both me happy and my laundry baskets nearly empty. I started to do my exercising again (need to lose a little weight), so this week I have done 10 minuets on the exercise bike every day. My plan is to eventually get up to 30 minuets five times a week, plus two or three toning sessions. I am also walking around the house with ankle weights, carry on doing normal jobs, and fingers crossed I tone up and lose some weight. I have also added a night-time face cleansing routine which my face no longer looks like a volcano about to erupt!

As its nearly half-term I want to get some reviews and recipes planned so you don’t think I have run away and joined the circus!

We have started shopping or Bob’s new school uniform, which she had to try on when we got home. I have got several pairs of socks and three summer dresses, had to buy another summer dress for Squidge. Then got home and found out I need to buy some more for her. I think bob is looking forward to school. Even though I will be lost without her.