Well nothing much has happened here this last week. Squidge has gone a a geography field trip with school – a highlight for her! Yes I know they are only going into the city centre, but as it’s a school soooo much more exciting! Squidge tried to trick me, her teacher insisted that she should have a new water bottle, the one she uses for school is only for school! I got her a juice carton.

The school garden club has started properly, unfortunately it was only me and my girls, nobody else could be bothered. Having said that now people have seen that two of the planters have been dug over and seeds are in, people have taken interest, so hopefully next week (if it’s not raining) there will be a few more people. As long as the children are supervised I don’t care if the parents don’t do any work. A parent has donated some seeds, along with my Grow Wild seeds it will start to look nice.


I was lucky to go see Jason Donovan this week, no comments if you don’t like him. The music was good and reminded me of when I first liked him, as usual the groupies where there! The only thing that spoilt it for my was hubby. He met his friends beforehand and had a few drinks, me not drinking was fine about this until he tried to dance with me as if we were in a nightclub! I was not very happy. I didn’t fancy drinking for some unknown reason, I was happy with this. In the interval more drinks were got “can I have a Coke” on return, he commented they didn’t have any Tia Maria so handed me a cider, I didn’t ask for Tia Maria! Well after queuing to leave the venue and queuing to leave the car park, I had to drop of two people go home then take my mother-in-law who was babysitting the monkeys. Needless to say I was home at midnight with a poorly foot (I hurt it several weeks ago and still hurts, best see a GP about it).

So that really sums up my week!