I have a system which makes my life easier. A wonderful laundry bag, it has three separate compartments. One for Whites – which I use for more general light coloured clothes, or I would end up with a basket of socks! The second part is for Darks – which I use as it says! Finally there is one called Coloured – which I use for reds, purples, pinks and oranges. Jeans and Hubbies work clothes go behind as I wash those separately.

Now, I have managed to train both my girls into working out where their dirty washing goes, taken me some time, and occasionally they do get it wrong. But my Hubby hasn’t a clue. I have repeatedly informed him of how it works. But this morning after seeing the bottom of all three parts of the laundry basket, he puts everything in. I’m not happy.

So de decides that jeans go in darks and a greeny/grey t-shirt goes into coloured! All I can say is he did manage to put his work clothes in the correct place.

Luckily my baskets were empty, but I use this time to wash bedding and towels. I don’t have a tumble dryer, never have had one, so I have to use a clothes dryer. I can hang so much on it before it becomes overcrowded. As I didn’t buy it, it’s not my fault!

Why cant my Hubby put dirty washing away daily, like he expects the rest of us to do, and secondly; put clothes into the correct basket?