A Lego anchor

I’ve not written anything on my blog for sometime. Motivation or lack of it has been key. I find it a hassle to get my old laptop out, wait an age whilst it loads, wait again whilst it sorts its self out. So as an experiment I’m writing this on my tablet. Just posted a review from my tablet which I’m relatively happy with. So onwards with my blogging, happier days. In September when Bob starts school getting the laptop out and sorting my blog out will not be a problem, I can still sit comfortably on the sofa to do the bulk of the work on the tablet and just trying up on the laptop.

Poor Squidge’s elbow

As for what’s been happening since I last posted. Squidge has been doing sports activities at school. Mini oylimpics which meant a coach ride to another school, I’m not sure if she won, lost, or anything else! All I do know is that once back from the mini oylimpics she fell over just outside the school gates. She has a really bad scrape along her elbow. The school cleaned it and put a plaster on. When she got home I needed to change her plaster as it had bleed though. By Friday another plaster change and it was still leaking, not bleeding, and on Sunday another plaster change. It has stopped leaking but still needed covering to prevent infection.

Strawberry plants with a baby shoot

Our strawberry plants have started to fruit, and we have picked our first three fruits another three were very nearly ready, so we can eat them tonight after school. I have already prepared two pots for shoots which hopefully will produce new plants, and it looks like there is a third one nearly ready to pot up. Once roots grow on the shoot, you can cut the plant from the parent plant, and you have more strawberry plants. The only problem is no strawberries from baby plant next year as you need to let them grow. My plan is to grow more plants so I can have a full row of them in tubs along my fence.

On a funny/not funny note, I found a Lego anchor attached to the inside of my washing machine. The sticky out part of the anchor had attached itself to the holes of the drum. So with all the tumbling inside whilst washing it was firmly stuck inside. Five minutes of pulling this way and that it came out. Next time Lego bits go missing or other toys, check washing before it goes into the machine!