OK, I have been seeing nakd all over the place and decided it was about time I tried them for myself. I picked strawberries and cream as I like strawberries, a simple reason to buy them. Only when I get home and read the ingredients – no strawberries.

So what do they have in them, well the packet says dates, cashews, raisins, rice flour and natural flavourings. Nowhere does it say what the natural flavourings are. It does say they are wheat, dairy and gluten free and that they are one of your five a day.

I suppose you now what to know what they are like! I guessed they where going to be little brown balls as that’s what the packaging showed. They are chewy with a mild nutty texture which I rather liked. You can taste the date but not so much the strawberry flavour. You could easily close your eyes and believe you were eating strawberries and cream sweets.

Over all very nice and will happily buy more of these and would love to try the other varieties.