July 2016

nakd Fruit Salad nibbles – A Review

nakd Fruit salad nibbles

Here I go again another nakd nibbles review! I seem to be rather enjoying them. This time I went for fruit salad variety. For some reason these tasted much more fruity and they nicely fill me up and a much more healthy option then crisps.

These ones are still wheat, gluten and dairy free, bonus for some people who have allergies. This is the first time I’ve looked at the calorie content and for a 40g bag we have 137kcal which although is more than my usual crisps, I’m hoping I feel fuller and healthier!

As always I have bought my own nibbles with my own money. I bought these from Asda near the fresh fruit aisle.


The Summer Holidays


The summer holidays are now here (well Squidge breaks off today at 15:15). We have six weeks to plan, occupy and hopefully make it alive by the time the new term starts in September.

We have our main week long holiday at the end of August, that way the girls all have something to look forward to, and help plan what we are doing. To save money I plan to go to the cinema when its the kids club, so with sneaking snacks and drinks in, it will cost about £5 for three of us. We are also planning on coin. The Summer Reading Challenge, so trips to the library for new books and craft activities with spend some time away from the house. Might also treat them to a happy meal or picnic whilst out. Bobs’ local playgroup is ruining though the holidays and I can take Squidge, but of the price goes up with no adult free drink then that will have to be a miss. During the year (mostly the holidays) we will be hunting moths. Hull is celebrating Amy Johnson’s flight to Australia and have a year long festival with activities and A Moth For Amy trail mostly around Hull and East Yorkshire, with a few around the country. Out of the 59 moths to be found we will miss two, we will be 12 miles from one but just too far with no car (its just outside of London).

A Moth For Amy – To build a house…

I had wonderful, maybe wishful plans for my blog and how it was going to run. But with a small child still at home (she doesn’t go to nursery) things haven’t gone as planned. Bob starts school in September, so I will spend the first four months planning, practicing a new routine. When January and the new year I should be in a better position to schedule blog, twest and Facebook posts, so everything will hopefully run smoothly. I want to get some house jobs done in this time, some major cleaning, then I can settle into a nice cleaning routine with a diary to plan holidays and jobs so I now want needs doing. I don’t use one now so I forget which bed needs flipping or turning and don’t bother.


A Moth For Amy

A Moth For Amy – Fantastical Flying Machines

After seeing lots of information about Amy Johnson Festival. We decided that as part of our summer holiday activities we would hunt giant decorated moths.

First part of the plan was to either download a map of the moth locations, or simply head to the library to got a paper copy. Once acquired plan a route and set about how many we can do. First day plan, see the one near us, go to Beverley and then the one near the Humber Bridge and finishing off with the West Hull ones. Reality do the ones near us, miss some in Beverley and wonder about looking for the one near the Humber bridge. The Humber bridge one was so far the hardest to find, most were just on the side of buildings or on a plinth easy to see. Oh no not this one, a drive round the business park and we found a path hidden in the corner. A long walk later and we found it. We took a photo of this one and decided that we would go back in the holidays and got photos of the ones we missed.

When home doing more research on the Amy Johnson Festival we found some activities to do during the holiday. So in August we are going real moth hunting in the evening.

nakd Tooty Fruity – Review

nakd Tooty Fruity

Second outing of nakd for me, this time the Tooty Fruity. The usual suspects can be found, dates, cashews and raisins. They also add rice flour and natural flavourings. I seem to find that they taste the same as the other one I tried Strawberries and Cream but with a very slight difference in flavour.

They still are wheat, dairy and gluten free. As I’m trying to stop unexpected gluten in my diet these make a fabulous snack. They fill you up nicely. I do find that this pack had a bit too much rice flour coating, which left my fingers a bit tacky.

Will I buy again. Yes without a doubt. I love the chewy texture and regardless of the flavour I still like them.

Calm After the Storm

My free tea haul, love Twinings tea

What can I say? I’ve left writing this post until today because after the whirlwind of last week I needed time to catch-up. It all started with a perfectly normal week. Squidge went to school on the Monday and she was looking forward to sports day and her school trip later that week.

Squidge at school sports day 2016

Squidge did really well considering she’s not very sporty, her skills are more academic. She did manage to come second in one of the events which shocked me, but I’m pleased that she enjoyed the morning events. Unfortunately whilst this was all happening a number of children were becoming sick, by Wednesday at least 100 children and staff had become ill. We decided that we should take Squidge out of school and hope she isn’t I’ll (she missed it). The school say that they call Public Health England, probably a parent, and measures were put into place to help prevent to spread of infection. More children became ill at school on the Thursday. Then on Friday and Monday the school was closed for teacher training. Everyone has had time to recover and most of the children had returned back to school by Tuesday (no teachers strike at our school). For poor Squidge her school trip was cancelled either due to lack of children or potential of children sick whilst on the trip. The plan is to rearrange for later this term.

Strawberries hand picked by Squidge and Bob 2016

With the weather much improved we went strawberry picking. One of our family favourites summer activities. We have got ourselves into a pattern food first then picking. But we were early due to promise of rain and the food wasn’t ready. Two punnets later, and we got homemade jam, scones and cheesecake (£1 each for the cakes). All very happy and still eating the strawberries. Going to have to freeze some, maybe as Greek yogurt strawberry icecream.

I was fortunate that a complaint to Twinings tea resulted in my getting £10 worth of vouchers. I have happily spent most of them on a small collection of nice tea. With the remaining vouchers to be spent on more breakfast tea.

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