My free tea haul, love Twinings tea

What can I say? I’ve left writing this post until today because after the whirlwind of last week I needed time to catch-up. It all started with a perfectly normal week. Squidge went to school on the Monday and she was looking forward to sports day and her school trip later that week.

Squidge at school sports day 2016

Squidge did really well considering she’s not very sporty, her skills are more academic. She did manage to come second in one of the events which shocked me, but I’m pleased that she enjoyed the morning events. Unfortunately whilst this was all happening a number of children were becoming sick, by Wednesday at least 100 children and staff had become ill. We decided that we should take Squidge out of school and hope she isn’t I’ll (she missed it). The school say that they call Public Health England, probably a parent, and measures were put into place to help prevent to spread of infection. More children became ill at school on the Thursday. Then on Friday and Monday the school was closed for teacher training. Everyone has had time to recover and most of the children had returned back to school by Tuesday (no teachers strike at our school). For poor Squidge her school trip was cancelled either due to lack of children or potential of children sick whilst on the trip. The plan is to rearrange for later this term.

Strawberries hand picked by Squidge and Bob 2016

With the weather much improved we went strawberry picking. One of our family favourites summer activities. We have got ourselves into a pattern food first then picking. But we were early due to promise of rain and the food wasn’t ready. Two punnets later, and we got homemade jam, scones and cheesecake (£1 each for the cakes). All very happy and still eating the strawberries. Going to have to freeze some, maybe as Greek yogurt strawberry icecream.

I was fortunate that a complaint to Twinings tea resulted in my getting £10 worth of vouchers. I have happily spent most of them on a small collection of nice tea. With the remaining vouchers to be spent on more breakfast tea.