A Moth For Amy – Fantastical Flying Machines

After seeing lots of information about Amy Johnson Festival. We decided that as part of our summer holiday activities we would hunt giant decorated moths.

First part of the plan was to either download a map of the moth locations, or simply head to the library to got a paper copy. Once acquired plan a route and set about how many we can do. First day plan, see the one near us, go to Beverley and then the one near the Humber Bridge and finishing off with the West Hull ones. Reality do the ones near us, miss some in Beverley and wonder about looking for the one near the Humber bridge. The Humber bridge one was so far the hardest to find, most were just on the side of buildings or on a plinth easy to see. Oh no not this one, a drive round the business park and we found a path hidden in the corner. A long walk later and we found it. We took a photo of this one and decided that we would go back in the holidays and got photos of the ones we missed.

When home doing more research on the Amy Johnson Festival we found some activities to do during the holiday. So in August we are going real moth hunting in the evening.