The summer holidays are now here (well Squidge breaks off today at 15:15). We have six weeks to plan, occupy and hopefully make it alive by the time the new term starts in September.

We have our main week long holiday at the end of August, that way the girls all have something to look forward to, and help plan what we are doing. To save money I plan to go to the cinema when its the kids club, so with sneaking snacks and drinks in, it will cost about £5 for three of us. We are also planning on coin. The Summer Reading Challenge, so trips to the library for new books and craft activities with spend some time away from the house. Might also treat them to a happy meal or picnic whilst out. Bobs’ local playgroup is ruining though the holidays and I can take Squidge, but of the price goes up with no adult free drink then that will have to be a miss. During the year (mostly the holidays) we will be hunting moths. Hull is celebrating Amy Johnson’s flight to Australia and have a year long festival with activities and A Moth For Amy trail mostly around Hull and East Yorkshire, with a few around the country. Out of the 59 moths to be found we will miss two, we will be 12 miles from one but just too far with no car (its just outside of London).

A Moth For Amy – To build a house…

I had wonderful, maybe wishful plans for my blog and how it was going to run. But with a small child still at home (she doesn’t go to nursery) things haven’t gone as planned. Bob starts school in September, so I will spend the first four months planning, practicing a new routine. When January and the new year I should be in a better position to schedule blog, twest and Facebook posts, so everything will hopefully run smoothly. I want to get some house jobs done in this time, some major cleaning, then I can settle into a nice cleaning routine with a diary to plan holidays and jobs so I now want needs doing. I don’t use one now so I forget which bed needs flipping or turning and don’t bother.