September 2016

Steady As She Goes


Not much really has happened this week. But at the same time lots.

Over the summer holidays the girls completed the Summer Reading Challenge -read all six books. At the weekend the girls went to collect their medals and certificates at the award ceremony at the City Hall. A local theatre company put a little show for them and medals given out. As always the medal giving out is a disaster and it ends up been a free for all. We don’t really see the point of that part, and for the first time I find out you can ask for your medal at the same time as collecting the certificate.

Summer Reading Challenge certificate and medal

Then the week frazzles to same old same old. I had my B12 injection which was over due and asked about the Flu jab. I’m at a new GP now so asked if I’m still entitled to it. I’m not directly, but as my husband is (by default I am) they assume he is worse than he is, which is fine for me as I didn’t want to pay. Now my arm hurts (improved after sleep, which when I rolled over it woke me up) and I have a headache (not sure if that’s tooooo much cake or the Flu jab).

I asked the girls to tidy all the garden play things up, after some reluctance they did. I didn’t get them packed into the garage and when the wind blow, garden toys all over the garden. I said as I didn’t up them away, I would tidy them back up. Which also included putting the table and chairs away. I also took down my hanging baskets put the plants in the garden, either they will grow or die. If I had just thrown them away I will never know.

We have had a little bit of a Squidge behaviour problem, which after some thinking. Squidge was upset that Bob is making friends and Squidge thought Bob didn’t want Squidge to be her friend. I talked to Squidge about how she has lots of friends at school and that Bob needs her own friends. Bob loves playing with Squidge and would probably choose Squidge over any of her new friends. Squidge’s behaviour has improved since then and has started to be nice again to Bob. I do hope that they remain friends for life, as sisters can have a really special bond.

I have started my Christmas shopping with the Argos 3 for 2 sale and finding items on Amazon and the shops. Then my Mother-in-law wanted some items, so I ended up selling her most of my toys. I’m keeping the two giant caterpillars and they are also getting lots of smaller toys. Unfortunally money is going to be very tight so there isn’t going to be as many. Looking in the sales and on shops to find the bargains. So far nothing has been full price. I do have fun finding the bargains and shopping around. Even easier this year as Bob is at school all day.


Weight Loss Journey – Week 4

This week has been a mixed bag. Firstly I didn’t manage my five a day plan, but I did see why I didn’t manage it. No meal planning and eating a simple sandwich at lunchtime then either little or no veg at tea. This week I have started to plan my evening meals around the three week school menu. I can see when I might be eating alone and when a meal with little veggies are in are planned. I can then plan extra salad things with a simple sandwich or crudities with a veggie soup.

I did go out for a meal with my mum, this included a pasta based dish which looked a little creamy based and a very creamy pudding, not to mention the bottle of wine that we shared. Then when OH went put drinking with his friends I finished off binge eating the unhealthy snacks. All unhealthy snacks are now gone, and any left are set counted out for my little monkeys to eat. If I see them I know I would have to buy more, and I’m trying to save money.

Still haven’t started exercising yet, but I’m not really into a routine yet.

This week I have lost 0.2kg not a lot, but now going in the correct direction.

Pork and Apple Casserole – Recipe

Pork and Apple Casserole

As part of the Tesco Orchard programme – Seven New Brands, I got try some foods that I had previously bought, but a different brand to help save money. The new brands are Willow Farms, Rosedene Farms, Nightingale Farms, Boswell Farms, Redmere Farms, Suntrail Farms, Woodside Farms.

So this recipe is using Woodside Farms mince pork and Rosedene Farms apples.

The mince and Apples


Pork mince

2 apples

Large glup of apple juice


1) dry fry the mince (healthy version) add a little water/apple juice if its sticking

2) add chopped apple (we like skins off)

3) pour apple juice to cover all the ingredients, bring to the boil

4) place in a pre-heated oven for about an hour to two hours

5) serve with veggies and if you like Yorkshire Pudding

All my family love this, and it can be frozen. I always cheat and use ready made Yorkshire Puddings, I don’t have the patience to make them from scratch. It also helps when I sometimes have to do two sittings, one for me and the girls and later when OH gets home from work.

Bed Building and Bin Gate

Bob’s new cabin bed

I finally seemed to get back into the swing of things. My enthusiasm to blogging has increased and I have so many ideas buzzing around my head, I feel happy. I’m still not really into a routine yet, but over the next few months I’m hoping that happens. But for the moment its all about catch-up, household chores that were left, and left, are finally getting done.

This last week saw Bob having her own proper bed not a little baby bed. I decided that now she has started school, she is a big girl, and big girls need proper beds. Building the bed was not fun. The base started off fine, I was able to do most of it by myself. It did suggest that two people build it, they wasn’t wrong. Luckily my mum was on hand to help. She even brought her electric screwdriver which massively helped. The last five screws the holes were wrong and my needed to enlarge them so we could get the screws in. Those last five screws took over half an hour to put in. I do think I need some new screwdrivers now. The fun part of building her bed was that the room was so small, not sure how I managed to fit it in.

Bob’s new cabin bed

When Bob came home from school most of the bed was built (I hadn’t done the draws) and her new mattress was airing on the bed. Bob was super excited about her bed. Must admit it took her about four nights to get the idea of her new bed, she even removed her Violet from the bed as she no longer uses it to get to sleep with (not going yet as she likes the day songs).

Squidge had a meltdown as she wanted the new bed, no point as apart from the shelf system, its the same as her current bed. Now all that is needed is cushions and soft things to protect heads from walls. Argos has some two metre caterpillars which might just appear as Christmas presents.

So building beds has created rubbish, which leads me on to my bin problem. Normally the recycle bins get emptied one week and the other my general waste. So every fortnight all bins emptied. No the week I wanted to build a bed and have lots of rubbish, mine and about 30 or so other bins didn’t get emptied. Ring the council and they said two days, two days went by and no bns emptied. Several other people complained as well to the council and a week later still no bins emptied. Then after the third call “failed bin collection” which means they must empty it the next day. It was emptied in the morning, but just mine. They must has spent five minuets looking for mine. Then later that afternoon another lorry came and emptied all the other missed bins. What a waste of time.


Weight Loss Journey – Week 3

This week I chosen to eat all those naughty things I’ve wanted to eat, like a full pepperoni pizza and crisps. I know I’ve paid the price of weight gain. I also know that my fruit and veg intake has been all to pot since our holiday. The lack of fruit and veg has played a part in my decreased health. Increase in tummy problems, and my knees/joints are hurting more.

Mission this week, must eat the minimum five portions of fruit and veg. I’ve also got to look at my unhealthy eating habits, and plan when I’m going to eat my naughty nibbles then replace them with alternatives.

I am drinking plenty of sensible drinks. Lots of green/herb/fruit teas, my black tea is of improved quality so I can enjoy it more. I recently found an instant flavoured coffee which has only two calories per normal size cup. My cup is giant, but still use and normal cup size spoon add a little semi-skimmed milk and a god choice coffee.

Start 76.1kg

Current 76.8kg

Difference +0.5kg

Lylia Rose wish list

I first came across Lylia Rose on Twitter after someone else had retweeted some of her links, it got intreged and so I took a look. On the website I found lot and lots of things I wanted, but with funds low, I’ve had to pick a few things to show you. Your style may well, and probably is, different to mine. So here is my beginners wishlist, enjoy.

I seem to have a thing about earrings, I just love them. I am a little picky, I don’t like hoop style ones, I don’t mind dangling earrings or studs. With my pickiness in check I have found more earrings that I need to add to my collection silver birds, silver feather, and silver owls.

I love the colours on this Handbag and although its brightly coloured I do think it will go with lots of different outfits.

Orange colour block satchel £29.99

Scarves feature high on my wish list, never really thought how to wear them, but after seeing some peoples ideas I think I do now. Moon and Stars is my favourite one followed by butterflies and this floral print. There are plenty of different scarves (two pages of them) to choose from, you can have as many as you like.

I have seen dresses on here as well but with my lack of liking dresses, there will not be any on my wish list currently. My tummy is too big and my breasts are too big, I don’t like anything without either a shoulder covering or a thick shoulder strap. But when I do lose my weight, which I am currently working on, then I will be adding dresses to my wish list.

Lylia Rose ships to the UK via Royal Mail. Most orders received by 2pm are dispatched same day.

Please note, there is a minimum order amount of £4.99

2nd Class FREE · 1st Class £1.50 · Signed For £4.50 · Special £7.00

(taken from website)

All the picture are from Lylia Rose website, and this wishlist is part of a competition. I’ve not been paid for my views and there are all my own words and picture choice.

Have a look at her website Lylia Rose and see what you can find.

Updated Oct 2017

Weight Loss Journey – Week 2

This week saw a few changes to my routine. From having two children at home for the six weeks summer holidays then my little Bob started school. Ive been a little lost. To make up for not having anybody at home, I set myself lots of jobs to do, to take my mind of Bob not there and to finally gets some jobs done. This has helped as I’ve not had too much time to snack. The hot weather has not helped, but I’m ploughing on.

This weeks start weight was the same as last week 76.1kg for me this was nice, I’ve got good start and last week included lots of snacks.

Wax Melts – A Review

Wax melt burner and melts

Ive always wanted to try wax melts, and until recently had no idea how they worked or what they did. So when Adam & co ( wanted bloggers to sample there wax melts I jumped at the chance.

First off I needed a burner, this one is called Lotus Flower and at £7.95 is reasonably priced, well I think so. With the burner also comes three melts, you can ask which ones you want with the burner, or do what I did and wait for a surprise. It was a nice surprise – Lime and Melon whiched when opening the box let of a lovely smell.

Each wax melt lasts between four and six hours, which is just right and don’t have to sit though days of the same fragrance. All you need are unfragranced tea lights to go under the burner to melt the wax, and enjoy.

After having this burning during the day for a treat as I’m on my own during the day now. Its perfect, I am certainly getting more melts to try.

I was sent a voucher (£3) so that I could choose which items I wanted, in return they wanted an honest review. These are all my own words and feelings and I have not been paid anything extra for this review.

Weight Loss Journey – Week 1

I start my journey to finally loose the last bit of weight, since my two stones I lost some years ago. I joined Weight Watchers in 1998 and went regularly to the meetings to the point I was helping out each week (I got free weigh-ins which helped). I stopped going when I changed jobs and I was working the evening, so missed the meetings. I carried on with the principles and didn’t put the weight back on. I meet my husband at this time, and when I moved in with him my eating changed for the worst, still not much weight gain. Then in 2008 baby number one arrived and in 2012 an unplanned baby number two came. My weight has slowly increased over the years and now with both of them at school, I feel this is the time I can exercise and eat to loose my weight. I’m not looking to be skinny, just healthy enough to reduce any risks to my future health.

So this week I looked at what I am eating, plan how to exercise ready for when school starts. I know I have already planned an unhealthy treat for both my weight loss journey and my children going back/starting school. My biggest problem is snacks daytime and evening. Plus I need something filling but also healthy for lunch for one. I don’t think I will stop my evening snack, but I need to look at what I am eating. I will still have a alcoholic drink at night, but I don’t drink too much.

Current weight 76.1kg

Current BMI 26.9

Target weight 64.9

Target BMI 23

Wish me luck and send me healthy, but cheap meal ieads for one. Thank you

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