Skyline from Primrose Hill, London

What a busy few weeks its been. The school holidays are almost over and this year I have both my girls at school. Squidge will be going into year 3 and Bob will be starting reception (foundation 2). I think it will be hard for Bob as she has never been to Nursery or any preschool setting. We have been to our local playgroup where on arrival she will take her shoes off and play either by herself or with other children.

Before the school holidays I had managed to buy most of my back to school things, just needed shoes and a second cardigan (still haven’t got). I took the girls in the week before school to Wynsors World of Shoes, massive range, sensible prices and they do a basic measuring service (is shoe size). I keep looking in Asda to see if they have the fleecy cardigans as both my girls have requested them, I have got Squidge the next size up and only one for Bob which is a little tight, but they didn’t have the next size up.


During this summer holidays we had six days in London seeing nearly all the sights and trying to spend as little as possible, which meant a lot of tube rides and lots of walking. I’ll write more about London in another blog post, this one will not do it justice. All I will say is on the last day other half was poorly, and spent the next five days in bed with a cheast infection, coughing up all sorts of things and going though two boxes of tissues.

Also during the holidays we have taken part in the Summer Reading Challenge (read six books from the library) which meant a few trips to the library to sign up, collect books and return them. The libraries in town have lots of activities planned, but we went to the central library in town to do ours this year. The bus goes from outside our house to practically outside the library. Then we can shop in town before going home. We have one more library visit to do either this week or on Monday before the girls start school on Tuesday then we are finished and we can book the award ceremony. Whilst at the library we have participated in some of the craft sessions.

Making BFG ears and masks at the library

So what am I going to do whilst the girls are at school? First day I’m going to Costa Coffee for a large hot chocolate and something naughty. Then put my feet up all day long in a quite house. From day two onwards, I have wardrobe swapping, building Bob her new cabin bed, decluttering the house, deep cleaning the house, laying a small patio, deepish digging the front garden and adding Costa Coffee grounds and finally tidying the garage out. Think I’m trying to keep myself busy as I’ll miss my girls when they start, I’ve not worked since I had Bob four and a bit years ago and I’ve always had a child with me apart from the very odd night out or a few hours when they are with dad and I get me time (hair cut).