I start my journey to finally loose the last bit of weight, since my two stones I lost some years ago. I joined Weight Watchers in 1998 and went regularly to the meetings to the point I was helping out each week (I got free weigh-ins which helped). I stopped going when I changed jobs and I was working the evening, so missed the meetings. I carried on with the principles and didn’t put the weight back on. I meet my husband at this time, and when I moved in with him my eating changed for the worst, still not much weight gain. Then in 2008 baby number one arrived and in 2012 an unplanned baby number two came. My weight has slowly increased over the years and now with both of them at school, I feel this is the time I can exercise and eat to loose my weight. I’m not looking to be skinny, just healthy enough to reduce any risks to my future health.

So this week I looked at what I am eating, plan how to exercise ready for when school starts. I know I have already planned an unhealthy treat for both my weight loss journey and my children going back/starting school. My biggest problem is snacks daytime and evening. Plus I need something filling but also healthy for lunch for one. I don’t think I will stop my evening snack, but I need to look at what I am eating. I will still have a alcoholic drink at night, but I don’t drink too much.

Current weight 76.1kg

Current BMI 26.9

Target weight 64.9

Target BMI 23

Wish me luck and send me healthy, but cheap meal ieads for one. Thank you