I first came across Lylia Rose on Twitter after someone else had retweeted some of her links, it got intreged and so I took a look. On the website I found lot and lots of things I wanted, but with funds low, I’ve had to pick a few things to show you. Your style may well, and probably is, different to mine. So here is my beginners wishlist, enjoy.

I seem to have a thing about earrings, I just love them. I am a little picky, I don’t like hoop style ones, I don’t mind dangling earrings or studs. With my pickiness in check I have found more earrings that I need to add to my collection silver birdssilver feather, and these silver owls.

I love the colours on this Handbag and although its brightly coloured I do think it will go with lots of different outfits.

Orange colour block satchel £29.99

Scarves feature high on my wish list, never really thought how to wear them, but after seeing some peoples ideas I think I do now. Moon and Stars is my favourite one followed by butterflies and this floral print. There are plenty of different scarves (two pages of them) to choose from, you can have as many as you like.

I have seen dresses on here as well but with my lack of liking dresses, there will not be any on my wish list currently. My tummy is too big and my breasts are too big, I don’t like anything without either a shoulder covering or a thick shoulder strap. But when I do lose my weight, which I am currently working on, then I will be adding dresses to my wish list.

All of Lylia Rose items are available on the website with FREE delivery if you spend £20. There is even a section of gifts and home items, which I’m yet to venture into. I have seen the Safari collection on Twitter and they look fab.

All the picture are from Lylia Rose website, and this wishlist is part of a competition. I’ve not been paid for my views and there are all my own words and picture choice.