This week I chosen to eat all those naughty things I’ve wanted to eat, like a full pepperoni pizza and crisps. I know I’ve paid the price of weight gain. I also know that my fruit and veg intake has been all to pot since our holiday. The lack of fruit and veg has played a part in my decreased health. Increase in tummy problems, and my knees/joints are hurting more.

Mission this week, must eat the minimum five portions of fruit and veg. I’ve also got to look at my unhealthy eating habits, and plan when I’m going to eat my naughty nibbles then replace them with alternatives.

I am drinking plenty of sensible drinks. Lots of green/herb/fruit teas, my black tea is of improved quality so I can enjoy it more. I recently found an instant flavoured coffee which has only two calories per normal size cup. My cup is giant, but still use and normal cup size spoon add a little semi-skimmed milk and a god choice coffee.

Start 76.1kg

Current 76.8kg

Difference +0.5kg