Bob’s new cabin bed

I finally seemed to get back into the swing of things. My enthusiasm to blogging has increased and I have so many ideas buzzing around my head, I feel happy. I’m still not really into a routine yet, but over the next few months I’m hoping that happens. But for the moment its all about catch-up, household chores that were left, and left, are finally getting done.

This last week saw Bob having her own proper bed not a little baby bed. I decided that now she has started school, she is a big girl, and big girls need proper beds. Building the bed was not fun. The base started off fine, I was able to do most of it by myself. It did suggest that two people build it, they wasn’t wrong. Luckily my mum was on hand to help. She even brought her electric screwdriver which massively helped. The last five screws the holes were wrong and my needed to enlarge them so we could get the screws in. Those last five screws took over half an hour to put in. I do think I need some new screwdrivers now. The fun part of building her bed was that the room was so small, not sure how I managed to fit it in.

Bob’s new cabin bed

When Bob came home from school most of the bed was built (I hadn’t done the draws) and her new mattress was airing on the bed. Bob was super excited about her bed. Must admit it took her about four nights to get the idea of her new bed, she even removed her Violet from the bed as she no longer uses it to get to sleep with (not going yet as she likes the day songs).

Squidge had a meltdown as she wanted the new bed, no point as apart from the shelf system, its the same as her current bed. Now all that is needed is cushions and soft things to protect heads from walls. Argos has some two metre caterpillars which might just appear as Christmas presents.

So building beds has created rubbish, which leads me on to my bin problem. Normally the recycle bins get emptied one week and the other my general waste. So every fortnight all bins emptied. No the week I wanted to build a bed and have lots of rubbish, mine and about 30 or so other bins didn’t get emptied. Ring the council and they said two days, two days went by and no bns emptied. Several other people complained as well to the council and a week later still no bins emptied. Then after the third call “failed bin collection” which means they must empty it the next day. It was emptied in the morning, but just mine. They must has spent five minuets looking for mine. Then later that afternoon another lorry came and emptied all the other missed bins. What a waste of time.