This week has been a mixed bag. Firstly I didn’t manage my five a day plan, but I did see why I didn’t manage it. No meal planning and eating a simple sandwich at lunchtime then either little or no veg at tea. This week I have started to plan my evening meals around the three week school menu. I can see when I might be eating alone and when a meal with little veggies are in are planned. I can then plan extra salad things with a simple sandwich or crudities with a veggie soup.

I did go out for a meal with my mum, this included a pasta based dish which looked a little creamy based and a very creamy pudding, not to mention the bottle of wine that we shared. Then when OH went put drinking with his friends I finished off binge eating the unhealthy snacks. All unhealthy snacks are now gone, and any left are set counted out for my little monkeys to eat. If I see them I know I would have to buy more, and I’m trying to save money.

Still haven’t started exercising yet, but I’m not really into a routine yet.

This week I have lost 0.2kg not a lot, but now going in the correct direction.