Not much really has happened this week. But at the same time lots.

Over the summer holidays the girls completed the Summer Reading Challenge -read all six books. At the weekend the girls went to collect their medals and certificates at the award ceremony at the City Hall. A local theatre company put a little show for them and medals given out. As always the medal giving out is a disaster and it ends up been a free for all. We don’t really see the point of that part, and for the first time I find out you can ask for your medal at the same time as collecting the certificate.

Summer Reading Challenge certificate and medal

Then the week frazzles to same old same old. I had my B12 injection which was over due and asked about the Flu jab. I’m at a new GP now so asked if I’m still entitled to it. I’m not directly, but as my husband is (by default I am) they assume he is worse than he is, which is fine for me as I didn’t want to pay. Now my arm hurts (improved after sleep, which when I rolled over it woke me up) and I have a headache (not sure if that’s tooooo much cake or the Flu jab).

I asked the girls to tidy all the garden play things up, after some reluctance they did. I didn’t get them packed into the garage and when the wind blow, garden toys all over the garden. I said as I didn’t up them away, I would tidy them back up. Which also included putting the table and chairs away. I also took down my hanging baskets put the plants in the garden, either they will grow or die. If I had just thrown them away I will never know.

We have had a little bit of a Squidge behaviour problem, which after some thinking. Squidge was upset that Bob is making friends and Squidge thought Bob didn’t want Squidge to be her friend. I talked to Squidge about how she has lots of friends at school and that Bob needs her own friends. Bob loves playing with Squidge and would probably choose Squidge over any of her new friends. Squidge’s behaviour has improved since then and has started to be nice again to Bob. I do hope that they remain friends for life, as sisters can have a really special bond.

I have started my Christmas shopping with the Argos 3 for 2 sale and finding items on Amazon and the shops. Then my Mother-in-law wanted some items, so I ended up selling her most of my toys. I’m keeping the two giant caterpillars and they are also getting lots of smaller toys. Unfortunally money is going to be very tight so there isn’t going to be as many. Looking in the sales and on shops to find the bargains. So far nothing has been full price. I do have fun finding the bargains and shopping around. Even easier this year as Bob is at school all day.