October 2016

Weight Loss Journey – Week 8

Another week a just a little weight gain. Too much fair food. My mum came home from her travels (Lake district) and brought some Grasmere Gingerbread with her, normally we share it between myself and the OH but he has a dental infection so only eating soft food – more gingerbread for me. I am surprised at how little I have really put on considering how much I’ve eaten. We went to a party at the weekend and I had lots of buffet food (diet out the window) I wasn’t drinking so that may have helped one coke and one J2O as I was fed up. I was unable to dance as my foot was hurting and my shoes were all wrong.

I’m eating sensible lunches at the moment and soon I will be having homemade soup (need room in the freezer first). As we don’t have much money its a good excuse to eat food up. There is a lot of veggie food which I’m padding out with more veggies.

So weight gain this week is 0.2kg

Goals eat more veggies and try a walking around the shops more, if I shop I only need to buy one item.


Weight Journey – Week 7

I’m a bit late posting this week. My other half has been unwell, and still is, so I’ve been running round after him and the girls.

I’ve put weight on this week, 0.2kg. It was fair week, so lots of yummy food. Next week will also see an increase as I’m eating what’s left over. I didn’t mind the weight gain this week as I love the fair and some of the food that you get. Problem is Halloween and Bonfire night are coming up, more tasty treats. Then a month before Christmas starts.

I don’t have any goals for next week as I’m eating the fair food up.




With autumn now here, the weather has changed. The wind is blowing, raining at random times. Yesterday whilst on the school run, both in the morning and afternoon I got soaked. Luckily both girls were in school and stayed dry. Unfortunaly putting on a really wet coat back on isn’t pleasant, it had dried out by this morning, only to get wet again. Over the last few years this time of year is always the same. We call it locally Hull fair weather, when the fair is in town the weather changes, it will be alright next week.

Hull fair prizes

Talking about Hull fair, we did our annual pilrimage to the fair. The girls look going on the rides and now Bob is getting older she is going on the rides with her big sister. We love “bash the frog” but so far never won, but so much fun watching as frogs go flying. Also “Hook a duck” is a favourite of ours and with a prize everytime you can’t go wrong. Squidge thought if she went for a big duck you get a big prize. Sorry, look underneath to find the prize size, both got small prizes and Bob was quick at choosing a snake, Squidge was looking at the big prizes – no small – she nearly lost her prize taking too long, she ended up with a snake.

Onto the rides. Teacups first, and both loved getting dizzy. Although Squidge didn’t look like she was enjoying herself, OH thought she was going to be sick. No she just looks like this to try and make herself more dizzy. We also went on the mini “merry-go-round” with buses and cars, they choose the bus as it reminded them of their holidays in London. squidge and OH always go on the Dodgems. If I’d have known that the paper had vouchers for the fair we would have been able to afford another ride, but my Mother-in-Law didn’t think about the vouchers in her paper and the fact we were going to the fair. As always we love fair snack food. I’ve never eaten anything hot from the fair but always get doughnuts and the whips. Not forgetting the brandy snap (mmmmm). Its a nice treat to have these and as the fair is only once a year, we can have fun.

This week saw me change my Twitter info, instead of JellyBabyMom2@JellyBabyMom2 I’m now Vicky@JellyBabyMom2. I feel now is the time that I can say who I am. I wanted to hide and not be seen, but whilst writing this blog and taking part in twitter chats. I want to be seen, I don’t need to hide. Your still not getting a picture of me until I find one that I’m happy with.


The Gift Company – A Review

This is a review of candles and reed diffusers from Flame Homewares.

My surprise package from the Gift acompany

I spotted a chance to review items from the The Gift Company. I choose to receive a surprise package containing candles and reed diffusers, of a variety of scents. I received two candles (cappuccino & lemon lavender) and two reed diffusers (raspberry sundae & Amber Honeycomb).

First up reed diffusers. The reeds are made from cotton and are really sturdy, the reeds soak up the oil really easily. Both fragrances with all the reeds in the oil should last about three months.

I started with the Amber Honeycomb. I put all 10 reeds into the oil, waited a little while inverted them as per instructions. Then spent the next two days sneezing. Once I have removed five of the reeds, my sneezing stopped, the fragrance was still there and not too overpowering or too weak. I kept these in my lounger for about two weeks before I swapped to Raspberry Sundae, I remembered to only put five in from the off. I real gentle fragrance not overpowering, but can sometimes make you feel hungry as the nice fruity smell drifts to your nose. I’m keeping the Raspberry Sundae in until it finishes, then going back to the Amber Honeycomb. I would buy both these again, remembering to use less reeds.

Candles – both candles came with lids. The burn time is about 40-45 hours.

It was hard choosing which to try first, so a blind pick meant it was lemon lavender. Was too sure of what to expect, but smells really nice. You get the zesty lemon with the lingering lavender smell. I like been able to put the lid on once finished (and cooled) so you can burn other candles without the last one lingering or dust getting in the candle. Next was the cappuccino truffle, I felt I was a delicate fragrance but so lovely. The hint of coffee was just right followed by a sweet after smell perfect. Again with a lid to keep it clean. I would buy these again when I see them in the shop.

I was sent four items free of charge to review, I have not been paid anything extra. All the opinions and words are my own.


Weight Loss Journey – Week 6

I’m more in a routine now. I know what days I need to go out, everything fitting around the school run. I’ve taken to having baths in the afternoon, sounds silly, but I can relax in there instead of treating myself to food. Baths when no one is around is heaven.

I’ve bought some tins of fruit so I’ve always got something in to eat. I did make the mistake this week and ordered my fruit in syrup. I will rinse first then I can eat them. I was planning on a glass of fruit juice in the morning, but in finding it hard to fit it in at the moment. My morning routine needs jiggling around.

As I don’t need to go shopping I have decided to stay in and not go to a coffee shop, nor if I do need to shop, not to visit every time I shop.

Weight loss again this week but again a small weight loss 0.1kg. I am happy its going down.

The Orchard at Tesco -Seven New Brands (A Round-up)

A while back I was invited to take part in this programme. I was sent a voucher to buy items which took my fancy. I spent more than the voucher, but as I was buying most of them anyway, which was no problem for me. I bought things that either I would buy from this range or what I would normally buy but from a different range.

What did I buy?

  • Carrots 1kg £0.45
  • Grapes 500g £1.25
  • Mince pork 500g £1.89
  • Bacon 300g £1.35
  • Tomatoes 250g £0.69
  • Peppers 500g £0.75
  • Apples 520g £0.89
  • Kiwi 6 £0.69
  • Potatoes 1kg £0.89

Were they any good?

Carrots and the potatoes were brilliant, last over two weeks. Carrots were turning at the end, but still very much usable. Potatoes are still going after two months. I am buying the carrots again, and when I eat the potatoes I will buy them also.

Tomatoes were eaten far too fast, maybe I bought too small a bag. Buying different size packs next time. They have cherry, plum and what looks like regular tomatoes. The peppers didn’t last as long and had to be thrown out. Flavour wise very good, if I needed to use a lot a peppers quickly I would get them again.

Grapes, apples and kiwi were all brilliant again. I like that you could either get green or black (I get my shopping delivered, so pot luck) which does add variety. Again the apples can be different depending on season, which is fun. The kiwi were kiwi.

Bacon, don’t often buy bacon, but this was a good bacon and for the price would have again. The mince pork was OK, but with 12% fat and not much cheaper than Tesco’s other mince pork at just 5% fat sorry I’m going for the healthier mince.

Overall I would buy most of these new brands, and whilst I was looking at my shopping last night I found other things I would love to try. I have already bought more carrots, apples, bacon and grapes but trying the other items from the brands has helped me widen my repitore of cooking.

Pork and

For inspiration for a what to cook with these new brands try my Pork and Apple Casserole – Recipe which uses the Tesco New Brands. Enjoy.

Weight Loss Journey – Week 5

Another week goes by and I’m in a rut. I’m now eating less snacks, and the snacks I do eat are mainly in the evening. Some healthy, some not so healthy.

I have spent time standing up rather than just sat on my bum doing nothing. As I write this I’m standing up. Sometimes I’m jiggling about and not just standing still. I’ve included some toning exercises to vary my standing position. Which whether or not I loss weight, look better remains to be seen.

I have lost a small amount again this week just 0.1kg. I do see that every little bit is good.

Still need to work on my five a day, which over time will hopefully improve.

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