A while back I was invited to take part in this programme. I was sent a voucher to buy items which took my fancy. I spent more than the voucher, but as I was buying most of them anyway, which was no problem for me. I bought things that either I would buy from this range or what I would normally buy but from a different range.

What did I buy?

  • Carrots 1kg £0.45
  • Grapes 500g £1.25
  • Mince pork 500g £1.89
  • Bacon 300g £1.35
  • Tomatoes 250g £0.69
  • Peppers 500g £0.75
  • Apples 520g £0.89
  • Kiwi 6 £0.69
  • Potatoes 1kg £0.89

Were they any good?

Carrots and the potatoes were brilliant, last over two weeks. Carrots were turning at the end, but still very much usable. Potatoes are still going after two months. I am buying the carrots again, and when I eat the potatoes I will buy them also.

Tomatoes were eaten far too fast, maybe I bought too small a bag. Buying different size packs next time. They have cherry, plum and what looks like regular tomatoes. The peppers didn’t last as long and had to be thrown out. Flavour wise very good, if I needed to use a lot a peppers quickly I would get them again.

Grapes, apples and kiwi were all brilliant again. I like that you could either get green or black (I get my shopping delivered, so pot luck) which does add variety. Again the apples can be different depending on season, which is fun. The kiwi were kiwi.

Bacon, don’t often buy bacon, but this was a good bacon and for the price would have again. The mince pork was OK, but with 12% fat and not much cheaper than Tesco’s other mince pork at just 5% fat sorry I’m going for the healthier mince.

Overall I would buy most of these new brands, and whilst I was looking at my shopping last night I found other things I would love to try. I have already bought more carrots, apples, bacon and grapes but trying the other items from the brands has helped me widen my repitore of cooking.

Pork and

For inspiration for a what to cook with these new brands try my Pork and Apple Casserole – Recipe which uses the Tesco New Brands. Enjoy.